Going away? Put your eBay store on vacation!

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Going away? Put your eBay store on vacation!
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If you are planning to go on a  vacation and you really don't want to worry about your eBay store while you're gone....just set your store to vacation mode!


It really is quite simple... Here's how:

1....Go to your store home page.

2....At the bottom of the page click on SELLER MANAGE STORE.

3...On the left column, near the bottom, you will see RELATED LINKS>VACATION SETTINGS....click there.

Now you will have several different choices.

1....You can completely hide all of your listings so that nothing can be seen or bought.... If this is your choice, you'll be closing your store completely, just as though your doors were locked up tight and no one is home.


2....Or... you can allow your listings to remain visible and add a message to each store page explaining your vacation status and important information to any buyer who wants to look around and do a bit of shopping.

The information will tell them how long you will be gone, and when you will return to start shipping items.

With the second choice, your store will remain open, but no one will be "minding the store" for a short time. Your buyers can still make purchases and send you their payments and then wait for you to return to complete the transaction

NOTE: If you want your store to remain open it would be wise to temporarily change your automatic email notifications to inform your buyers that you are on vacation and you will be gone for a while. Inform them of the date you will return, and most importantly, the date you will resume shipping. The two most important notifications are the winning buyer email and payment received email.


TIP: It would be a good idea to upgrade your shipping to Priority Mail at no extra cost when you return...or add a small gift as a small "thank you"...After all, they were willing to wait for you to come back when they could have shopped somewhere else!


Communication is the critical issue when you put your store on vacation. Most buyers won't mind waiting to receive their treasures as long as they receive notice about your absence and are informed as to what is going on.

 As always...keeping your customers informed will minimize problems...and we all want to avoid problems if at all possible...right?

Happy Selling & Happy Vacationing!



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