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Getting rid of negative feedback!!!!

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Hi eBay members, I recently tried to have eBay remove feedback from a member who I won a dispute against. I explained that the member is no longer a registered user and that we got our money back and the feedback he left was clearly retaliation. Well, I didn't get the removal but what I did do is the following. I checked weekly to see if the register is back on and sure enough he was. I explained that we don't need to be angry at each other and I submitted a MUTUAL WITHDRAWL OF FEEDBACK form. While his comments will still show if he chooses to agree, the rating will go away and enhance my score. This is key for new users or people like me that want to be at the top, and I am at the top because I use ebay correctly, respectfully and honestly. Another way to get feedback removed is to get the item# for which the neg feedback was issued and the buyers or sellers name and go to SITE MAP and click on the right of the page on Find Member Contact Info, Type in user name of other party and item number and there phone number will appear in your email account. Give a call an explain whatever it is you feel could have been done to rectify or correct the mistake in the 1st place and go from there. Usually a personal touch is all it takes.
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