Get More Exposure on eBay- A couple helpful tips

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Get More Exposure on eBay

A couple helpful tips

There are thousands of sellers on eBay, there's millions of the same products, and it's a fast paced market. It can be very discouraging when selling if you aren't doing just a couple easy extra steps when listing a product. Don't let it get to you, try improving your listings simply by making sure to add pictures. eBay gives us at least 12 free pictures to list. Utilize this. It's very important to the buyer. When making a purchase do you only look at a piece or two of the object before buying? No.

Think like a buyer.

We are all buyers at some point.

The next simple step you can do to improve your listing is categorizing your item correctly. Example... Do not list a shirt in the shoe category. If you were at a store shopping would you go to the shoe section to find a shirt? Well, we don't do that on eBay either. List products as if you were in a physical store creating aisles and sections. Organization is the key here.

Just a few reminders......

Buy within the community you sell.

Give feedback. Feedback is VERY important to keep the eBay community a strong trustworthy online marketplace.

Do not mislead your buyers by making false claims in your ads.



Happy eBaying!

p.s. Come back now and then to read new stuff I write. I will be adding more soon




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