Generic rechargeable AA batteries and digital cameras

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Generic rechargeable AA batteries and digital cameras
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While generic rechargeable batteries are fine for non-critical applications such as television remotes etc... I DO NOT advise them for critical applications such as digital cameras where it has to be right the first time.

I bought a dozen Sunpak brand rechargeable AA batteries in late 2007 off eBay from a seller in China. I used them for my Canon point and shoot digital camera.

When I would go to download my photos to the computer I would have at least 1 out of every 10 photos corrupted.

I had this problem for a few months. I thought something was wrong with the camera.

After a few months I bought a set of Energizer 2450mAh rechargeable batteries. Since then I have not had a single picture corrupted.

The unfortunate part is that my father passed away the month after I bought the camera.

I was really upset when I went to download the images of him that were on the camera after he passed. Some of my favorite photos were ruined.

My camera will never use anything but Energize batteries from now on, you never know when a precious moment of life will happen. You don't want to chance missing it due to inferior battery technology.

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