Garmin nüvi 2555LMT Vs. Garmin nuvi 1350LMT

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GPS units can be an intimidating purchase decision, when you consider all the attributes to investigate. The Garmin nüvi 2555LMT and Garmin nuvi 1350LMT are great for techies and gift shoppers alike. The nüvi 2555LMT shines with its wide screen size, however the nuvi 1350LMT is also notable.
Garmin nüvi 2555LMT Garmin nuvi 1350LMT
Features Garmin nüvi 2555LMT Garmin nuvi 1350LMT
Height 3.3 in. 2.95 in.
GPS_Devices_GPS_Type Automotive Mountable Automotive Mountable
Display Size (W X H) 4.4 in. x 2.5 in. 3.81 in. x 2.25 in.
Brand Garmin Garmin
Expansion Slot Type MiniSD Card Slot micro-SD slot
Width 5.4 in. 4.8 in.
Screen Size 5" 4.3"
GPS_Devices LCD TFT Display LCD TFT Display
Resolution (H X W) 480 x 272 480 x 272
Depth 0.6 in. 0.63 in.
Battery Life 2.5 Hours 4 Hours
Installed Memory Not Specified 2.00 GB
Battery Type and Quantity Not Specified Lithium-ion Battery

Garmin nüvi 2555LMT

The nüvi 2555LMT sports a touchscreen, so you can intuitively interact with menus, scroll through the display, and type text. In addition, you can enjoy a lush panoramic viewing area for graphics and text thanks to its 4.4-inch screen size. Its 480 x 272 pixel screen resolution helps you feast your eyes on rich and clear navigational imagery without straining.

Garmin nuvi 1350LMT

The nuvi 1350LMT has a 3.8-inch screen size, so you can relish large detailed maps and directions. Beyond that, you can look at precise and vibrant navigational user interface without struggling thanks to its 480 x 272 pixel screen resolution.

Comparing the Garmin nüvi 2555LMT Vs Garmin nuvi 1350LMT

On balance, the Garmin nüvi 2555LMT leads by example. The nüvi 2555LMT has a touchscreen, so you can access the features available to you more quickly. In addition, the nüvi 2555LMT's 15% larger screen size enables you to take advantage of a larger viewing area. However, the nuvi 1350LMT measures up with a high screen resolution.

Buying On eBay

eBay is the place to learn about Garmin GPS units because you can compare seller ratings or reach out to sellers via the "Ask a Question" feature. Shop confidently when dealing with top-rated eBay sellers who have found to be great at earning positive feedback from buyers, answering questions, and satisfying their customers. With the help of free shipping, there'll be no buyer's remorse.
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