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OnlyModa has used a team of specialist to put together this guide that will help you make the most out of your shopping experience for an authentic Marc Jacobs bag on eBay. Visit our OnlyModa Store for the best selection of designer items at bargain prices.

Marc Jacobs bags are one of the most beautiful creations. They are a status symbol, they are durable and coveted. Many crooks thrive on the popularity of Marc Jacobs. But it is easier then you think to spot a fake.

Here are some signs of an authentic Marc Jacobs bag:

1. Authentic Marc Jacobs items never have metal or leather tag hanging off it. What may look as a very pretty metal tag with words “Marc Jacobs” on it, a leather tag that says “Genuine leather” is a sure sign of a fake. Only a paper store or Marc Jacobs tags are appropriate.

2. Marc Jacobs bags and shoes do not have embossed serial numbers. A seller cannot claim that a bag is authentic because it has a serial number.

3. You should try to compare pictures of the item up for auction to the pictures of what you know to be an authentic item- magazine articles, company website. Major retailer's sites might be good sources.


There are many red flags that help recognize a dishonest seller, however there are also many dishonest sellers that have learned how to look like a legitimate one.

1.  First of all, see what other items this seller offers. Somebody who has always only been a buyer or sold very inexpensive things or completely different type of product (computer nick knacks, for example) and suddenly has 10 Manolo Blahnik shoes is definitely suspicious. To research this, you can either look at seller’s feedback or go to “Advanced Search”, then “Search by seller” and make sure to check “include complete items”. You can research their bidding history the same way.

2.  Also, make sure that the seller actually has the item in their hands. Pictures used in their auction may have been stolen from another seller, magazine or website. If you see that the pictures are professional and could be from a major retailer’s website or an article, ask to see the pictures of the actual item. If the item for sale is pictured, ask to send you a picture of a detail that is not featured- close up of a buckle, sole of the shoes, etc.

3.  If it looks too good to be true price wise, most likely it is! Research how much legitimate sellers ask for a similar item. You can do that by gong to “Advanced search”, then put it your search words and mark “Competed listings only”. If you see that it regularly sells for more- be alert. Why would anybody be willing to sell something cheaper, when they can easily get the same amount with everybody else?
     It is, of course, reasonable to find small fluctuation in price within sellers. There can be a good explanation- last item in stock, minor scratches, etc.
4.  Look at the return policy. Contradictory to what it may seem, sellers with full refund, no questions asked policy are a huge red flag! They do this to avoid negative feedback. They would take anything back, do not charge any restocking fees, so their feedback is flawless, while they may be selling nothing but fakes. Historically, legitimate sellers most of the time have a final sale policy, however state that they guarantee authenticity.

5.  If the seller takes paypal, make sure that she states that she only ships to confirmed addresses. It is OK if they make exception for buyers with a large number of feedbacks, repeat customers or very inexpensive items. PayPal will randomly take funds away from sellers if the address is unconfirmed, and all sellers know that. So why would they risk loosing hundreds of dollars, unless they are planning on taking off with the money (and no goods shipped to you), before PayPal gets to them.

6. Be cautious of brand new sellers selling expensive goods. You can recognize a new seller by a little yellow sign of a person next to their use ID.

We hope you found this guide helpful. Do not forget to visit Our Store for the best selection of authentic designer items at bargain prices.

Happy Bidding!


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