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Are you a FreeRealms(dot)com player? This guide will provide you with freebie codes to use with your in-game character!

Freebie Codes:

  • FACEBOOKFANSO1 = Veggie Surprise (Food/ Special Effects Item)
  • FACEBOOKFANS02 =  Froggie Fries (Food/Special Effects Item)
  • FACEBOOKFANS03 =  Goat Cheese (Food/Special Effects Item)
  • FACEBOOKFANS04 =  Shadowblade (Weapon)
  • FACEBOOKFANS05 =  Dynamite (Weapon/Tool)
  • FACEBOOKFANS06 =  Checker Charged Helmet (Clothing Item)
  • KN78CH2 =  Stripped Shoes (Clothing Item)
  • JFRE87J =  Doggy Bowling T-Shirt (Clothing Item for Pet Dog)
  • CMNJGGE =  Spider Snack (Food/Special Effects Item)
  • N4PF9R3 =  Crystal Hammer (Weapon)
  • 6TNBTGH =  Charcoal Bermuda Shorts (Clothing)
  • ROBGOBLINBOOTY =  Robglobin T-Shirt (Clothing)
  • MPT38B3 =  Layered Shirt (Clothing)
  • PXNH6HB =  Spook Sphere (Special Effects Item/Tool)
  • FROGGY = Froggie Fries (Food/Special Effects Item)
  • SANDWICH = Small Sandwich (Food/Special Effects Item)
  • XCZG923 =  Baseball Cap (Clothing)
  • T86766R = Chatdy Baseball Cap (Clothing)
  • CP24C5N =  Race Away Jacket (Clothing)

How to use these FREEBIE CODES? 

#1: Visit the site at: www(dot)freerealms(dot)com. Log-in or create your account 

#2: Enter in the code (copy & paste code from here) and hit the GO Button. You can repeat these steps with each code you want to enter. 

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