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Franciscan Desert Rose: How to Determine Age

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Franciscan Desert Rose is one of the most popular dinnerware patterns and is highly collectible.  When listing or buying Desert Rose on eBay, it is important to understand and specify the dates of the pieces.  I cannot find references detailed the exact chronology of the marks appearing on cups and small pieces, so I have tried to place those where I think they belong, based on cup and saucer pairs I have found in intact estate sets and correlating the type and size of the decorators' marks.

Useful References: 

Quick Summary
Pieces were stamped and marked with black ink.  Larger pieces (plates, bowls, etc) have the word "California" somewhere on the stamp.
1958 - 1976
Pieces were stamped with the "TV Screen" Logo that looks like a rounded rectangle.  Brown ink was used through the 1960s.  Black ink indicates a pieces from the early 1970s.
1976 - 1984
Pieces were stamped in black ink with the word "Franciscan" and the trademark "Flying F".
Production moved to England.  Pieces are marked "Made in England"
2004 - present
Production was moved to China.  Pieces often have the "pink flower" backstamp. 

Detailed Examples
1941-1947 - Black "Francisan Ware" stamped in a circle.  "Made in California USA" in the center of circle.  May or may not have "Hand Decorated" outside of the circle.  The earliest pieces have were signed by the decorator scratching their marks into the piece.  Later pieces may have the decorator's number stamped in black ink.
Cups and Small Pieces:
Same as the previous marks, except the Decorator's Number appears below the word "Decorated" on large pieces

Black "Franciscan Arch" mark
Cups and Small Pieces: Note the reduced font size.

Black "Hand Decorated-Oven Safe" mark
Cups and Small Pieces: Note the smallest font size.

Brown Gladding McBean "TV screen" logo
Cups and Small Pieces:

Transition "TV Screen" Logo - used during the merger of GladdingMcBean and Interpace

1963 - 1970
Brown Interpace "TV Screen" Logo
Cups and Small Pieces: brown numbers

Black Interpace "TV Screen" logo
Cups and small pieces: black numbers

Anything with an "Interpace" mark was 1978 or earlier.  Franciscan was acquired by Wedgewood in 1979. 
"Franciscan Dinnerware" Marks
Interpace Half Moon Mark (1978)

"Microwave Safe" mark
"Flying F" mark
Cups and small pieces: Flying F or black numbers

1985-2003 - Made in England
Pieces are embossed with "Made in England" on the back of the piece.

2003-present - Made in China
photo courtesy of  mountainrangewholesale

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