Fostoria American or Indiana Whitehall - Differences?

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Fostoria, American or Colony/Indiana, Whitehall 

Information and Hints to help tell the differences.

If you are a collector of Fostoria, American Pattern or if you collect Colony/Indiana, Whitehall Pattern it is important to be able to tell the difference when adding to your collection.  Here is some information and hints on ways to spot the differences.

When Fostoria introduced the American Pattern in the early 1920s it grew in popularity.  A few other Companies came out with similar patterns.  Colony Glass, Whitehall and Jeannette Glass, Cube are examples of two of these similar patterns.

Colony Glass started producing Whitehall in the mid 1950s.  After Colony Lancaster Glass purchased Indiana Glass, Indiana Glass started production in 1962.  Between 1960s-1980s, Indiana Glass, produced Whitehall in crystal, olive green and amber.  In the 1990s, they produced Whitehall in light blue, teal blue and light pink.  Lancaster Colony purchased Fostoria in the mid 1980s.  It was at this time that Indiana Glass merged a number of Fostoria molds into the Whitehall Line and renamed the line American Whitehall.  This is one of the many reasons it is hard for collectors to know the differences between Fostoria, American and Colony/Indiana Whitehall.

Here are some ways to tell differences:

  • Fostoria American is mostly found in Crystal.  If buying a colored piece, make sure it is a color made by Fostoria or Indiana depending on what you collect.  Also, make sure that the Dealer or Seller is knowledgeable about their piece if it is colored glass. 

Fostoria American colors:  Crystal, some amber, blue, green, yellow and pink/purple (made late 1920s).  Also some Pieces were produced in white or milk glass.  In 1980 Red was made by sub-contracting production out to Viking Glass Company.

Colony/Indiana Whitehall colors:  Crystal, olive green, amber, light blue, teal blue, light pink and ruby flashed.

  • Fostoria American will glow under Black Light.  Fostoria American Crystal will glow Yellow under Black Light.
  • Fostoria American usually has a better clarity in the glass than Colony/Indian Whitehall.
  • If you have a footed piece, Whitehall will have an octagonal or straight, tapered foot.
  • If your item has a handle, the Whitehall Pattern attaches their handles about an inch down from the top.  Fostoria's American Pattern attaches their handles right at the top of the piece.
  • Fostoria American Goblets or Tumblers will have more curve to them with a slight flair at the top.  Colony/Indiana Whitehall Goblets or Tumblers are more straight sided.

Remember these are just general guide lines.  It is always important to do research and ask questions if you are not sure.

I hope this information helps you find the right pieces to fit your collection.



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