Fossil Watch Setting Instructions And Operating Guide

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Introduction to the WatchLiquidators Watch Setting Instructions

There is an almost endless supply of different watches and brands of watches in the world today, with hundreds more arriving in the market place weekly.

The one thing all these tens of thousands of brands and styles have in common is the watch movement. The watch movement is the part of the watch that keeps providing the time and performs the other functions unique to the style of each different watch type.

The movements can be broken down into just a few different types of movement and then broken down into a few more subcategories. The exact placement of these functions can be different on the watch dial (face of the watch) itself. In addition, the buttons used to operate and set the time and functions may be in different places on the watchcase.

The watchcase is the part of the watch that holds the watch dial and the movement. This is also, where the band fastens. I removed the bands in the pictures and concentrated on the dials alone.

I have attempted to give pictures and category names for many of the most common different types of movements and the directions to setting them. The best somewhat generic instructions are in the Fossil category.I hope this helps you with your watch, mans most commonly used invention.

If you would like to contribute or correct something here or in the TIPS area, just contact use on our eBay seller I.D. watchliquidators .


Fossil has one of the largest diversities in styles of watches among the popular brand names. This also a great category to find the operating instructions for many other brands by matching the watch dial and functions.

Nike watches are digital and unique unto themselves so I placed them in a category by themselves.

Casio, the digital leader in the world, will be added as soon as I can.

Seiko is a great brand with many diverse styles. It provides Movements to the largest number of different watch brands in the world today. These will be added as time permits.

Citizen is the other great brand and also provides Movements to a large percentage of the world’s watch brands. This is also being added to daily.


How To Find The Instructions


Analog watches are the easiest watches to set. Sometimes when a battery goes dead and then is replaced on some of the more diverse styles like the chronographs, you may need to recalibrate them. This means the hands need to be moved to the start positions. The start position is normally at the 12:00 position on the dial and sub dials. Sub dials are the small timing dials on the main dial. So always look for calibration instructions if this happens.


Digital watches all work from a memory chip on the movement. The most common problem is the memory is filled or corrupted when you cannot seem to re-set them. In most styles, pressing and holding all the set buttons in at the same time for three or four seconds can fix this error. The dial will clear and the time and alarms must then be reset. If not you may need to have a watch technician use the AC button inside the case on the movement. He will need to use a metal tweezers and touch the + side of the battery to the AC contact point on the movement.






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