Ford Galaxy Air Con Compressor Problems

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Many customers have experienced Ford Galaxy Aircon compressors not pumping correctly on the above vehicles, sometimes this has been on the original Ford Galaxy AC compressor but more often than not on replacement new or remanufactured A/C compressors that are fitted. The problem that occurs is that the air con compressor will pump the refrigerant for 20 minutes and then cease to pump anymore, giving the impression that the replacement Ford Galxy Air Con compressor is faulty.

Our Suppliers have done extensive investigating into this problem, and have now found the reasons behind this occurrence.  In the majority of cases that we have discovered the vehicle has had an ac condenser and a/c compressor change, this can result in the system being “over charged” with oil, This oil sits in the Ford Galaxy evaporator. Those of you who flush the ac system will flush the evaporator and believe that all the oil has been removed, however in some cases the oil will remain in the ac evaporator (as the flush will always take the path of least resistance). So when we are recharging the system the block valve will deliver the correct flow rate of refrigerant, however the a/c evaporator will only work at a restricted rate, this will result in liquid refrigerant returning back to the compressor and preventing it from pumping as the control valve senses that the system requires no more performance.

The Solution!

The solution is when changing the compressor, ALWAYS flush the system first, If the replacement Ford Galaxy compressor does not operate correctly, drop the amount of refrigerant charge, then check to see if the compressor is working. If the car aircon compressor appears to be pumping as normal, the evaporator will be partially blocked. The evaporator will require a more aggressive flush or worse case scenario a replacement Ford Galaxy Evaporator will be needed.

Fitting a Ford Air Con Compressor Pump - AC A/C

When a failed Ford air conditioning compressor is replaced by a new Ford a/c compressor, it is so important to have the lubricant
distributed evenly across the Ford air conditioning compressor and the Ford a/c system before engaging the system for the first

If this is overlooked and the Ford air con compressor is engaged immediately after is has been charged with
refrigerant, it may happen that all the oil in the Ford a/c compressor will be pushed out all at once while there
is no oil yet to enter the Ford air conditioning compressor on the other side. This is caused by the fact that it takes some
time for the oil to spread across the system and mix with the refrigerant. Eventually the Ford ac compressor
may be damaged because of a lack of lubrication during the first few minutes of operation.

This will of course be more problematic after the system has been flushed, this will mainly be the
case after the Ford air con compressor has suffered a catastrophic failure with metal particles from the Ford a/c compressor
being spread across the entire system.

A rule of thumb guide when installing a new Ford air con compressor is to manually turn the Ford a/c compressor pulley
to make sure that the oil is distributed through the Ford air con compressor evenly. Experienced engineers will
normally turn the Ford ac compressor 10—15 times to ensure that oil has been pushed around the system.

There is still more to do to prepare the Ford air con compressor, knowing and following the procedure will be of
great importance if a newly installed Ford air conditioning compressor should fail after a short period of time and within
its warranty period. There is no bigger disappointment than having a warranty claim denied because
something as simple as the following procedure has been overlooked.

Generally new Ford a/c compressors are supplied charged with oil, but it is always recommended that you
check this by draining the new Ford air con compressor to check the amount of oil in the Ford air conditioning compressor.

Then once you have removed the old Ford a/c compressor you should do the same again, empty the old Ford ac compressor
of oil to see how much oil was in it and then fill the new Ford air con compressor with the same amount
this is to avoid over charging the system with oil.

After this has been done and the Ford a/c compressor has been fitted, you do not engage the Ford air con compressor with
the engine running until the following steps have been followed.

1, Open all air louvers at the dash board, 2, Start the engine and let it stabilise at idle speed 3, Set the
blower at maximum speed, 4, Engage the Ford a/c system and operate it continuously for 2 minutes at below
1500 rpm.

After the two minutes the Ford air con compressor oil will have distributed evenly throughout the Ford a/c system.

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