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Ok so as an addtition to my how to sell faster on ebay I wanted to share something else that I have used in the past to market and sell on ebay.  The idea is not to try for the "one" item that you can sell and make a fortune on. The idea is find lots of smaller items you can make a few dollars on. Most of the big ticket items like brand name toys, clothes, guitars etc... These are some of the things that I sell regularly. How do you make a profit then?

Simple most online stores for example lets say music stores, have a section of clearance or "scratch and dent" which means that it make have been purchased and returned with little or nothing wrong with it. The price on these items are usually 50 - 70% off of the normal retail because they can no longer mark them as new.

This really doesnt matter in an Ebay auction because the description and pictures sell the item. If you are straight forward about the item and show the pictures of any defects up front the items sell as if they had none because people trust in what you are telling or showing them.

Quick example if you search for scratch and dent Martin guitar. You will find that a very popular online music store has one listed at the time of me writing this for 1,761$. I chatted with the online sales agent as to what is wrong with it. They told me that it was bought new (retail 4,190$), the person played it didnt like the sound of it and returned it. It has slight pick marks on the face and minor belt buckle rash on the back. Aside from that its a flawless item. Posted here on ebay you could easily resell the same item for 2,000$ making a couple hundred in the process.

Why would someone buy from you and not find the scratch and dent themselves? Most people dont know about scratch and dent and bargain hunters look on ebay for items under fair market. Scratch and dent items are not always guranteed to be available and vary from item type and price. So tomorrow if someone buys that blem Martin guitar there wont be another one available until someone else returns one.

Tips like this can be used on any items or types and 1$ gained is a dollar you didnt have when you started.



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