Feng Shui for Everyday Living - Long Life Cures

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Feng Shui for Everyday Living - Long Life Cures
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                              FENG SHUI LONG LIFE CURES

The Art of Feng Shui involves the placement of sacred objects in relationship to our surroundings - in particular our home and business. In Asia, a Feng Shui Master will even be consulted by the Architect n the planning of the relationships of rooms, doorways and windows to themselves and the forces of nature. It is truly believed that the proper, or improper, positioning and association of all these elements will have a dramatic impact on your life. Here we offer the sacred objects with their meanings for your own Feng Shui collection.

Depite being an au courant fad, feng shui -- pronounced "fung shway" -- is nothing new to the Chinese. In fact, feng shui is a millennia-old practice.

The Chinese have long believed that if a home or business had a harmonious and positive flow of ch'i, which refers to cosmic breath or energy, those living and working there would benefit, thus enjoying health, happiness and prosperity. Palaces, farmhouses, temples and even entire cities were laid according to feng shui's precepts.

  THREE IMMORTALS or WISE MEN:  Fuk, Luk & Sau are the gods of Wealth, Health and Longevity. They represent the three most important aspects of good fortune. Place in your dining or living room to attract the good fortune into your home.  See all Wise Men...

FISH FIGURINES:  Displaying a fish figurine to your North is very good career luck and welcomes health and prosperity.

JADE CICADA:  This is believed to be a most powerful symbol of immortality. The cicada also represents the ability to make a great comeback. When your luck has been very bad and you desperately need it to turn around, the best symbol to display in your home is the cicada. In the old days cicadas made of jade were often buried with the dead in the belief that this would afford them great wealth in the afterlife. The cicada is also a emblem of happiness and eternal youth.

SNAKE:  The Snake personality is believed to hold mysterious power and influence. Appreciative of the finer aesthetics in life, the Snake possesses a keen air of calmness in situations of conflict. The Snake's ability to renew itself typifies the strength for rebirth and recovery. A resilient and strong willpower enables the Snake to achieve objectives never faltering away from its true focus. The Chinese consider it lucky to have a symbol of the Snake for those born under the respective year. Many say that it enhances the personality and strong characteristics of the Snake to have a symbolic Snake around.

     DEER FIGURINE:  To the Chinese, the deer is a very popular symbol associated with speed, endurance and a long life. The word for ‘deer’ in Chinese is lu, which sounds similar to another word that means good income and prosperity. It is thus extremely auspicious to have the image of the deer in your office and home. Display a figurine or painting of the deer in your workplace to symbolize the wish for the company to prosper and grow or place it in your home so that your family will enjoy a long life of ease and growing prosperity.  See all Deer...

     TORTOISE:  The humble tortoise is the only one of the four celestial creatures that actually exists today. It is not merely a symbol of longevity, although rearing a live tortoise in the home is said to ensure that the family Patriarch lives to a ripe old age! The tortoise is also a symbol of protection and support as well as wealth and prosperity. In Feng Shui the tortoise signifies the protective hills of the north. Display a figurine of the tortoise in the north sector of your home to attract lots of good health and prosperity luck, and place on in the north corner of your office for support in your career.

     IMPERIAL CRANES:  Cranes represent Long Life.  Place cranes in your health, area or anywhere that is prominant so that you will 'get' strong health 'chi' every time you cast your eyes upon them. You will actually feel nourished by them.

     BAMBOO:  Enhance the 'growing chi' of your health, wealth,and romance when you display Bamboo! Bamboo represents growth of life, wealth, strengthens health 'chi', gives strength to any situation.

   CHINESE ZODIAC:  It will bring you luck to display your Chinese Animal Zodiac.  You will benefit from the symbol's strength and power.

BATS:  The bat is an emblem of happiness and longevity. 5 bats together represent the 5 Blessings of old age, wealth, health, love of virtue and a natural death.


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