Feedback- theories of thought

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Feedback- theories of thought
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There are several theories of thought on feedback.  Today I will give you a brief overview of a few theories of using feedback as a tool.  Bear in mind, I am still an active buyer and also an active seller.

  1. as soon as buyer pays they get feedback from seller-  This makes a lot of sense when you look at it from the buyer's perspective.   They have promptly paid you and, in turn, they should receive feedback stating this.  For the seller there are a few drawbacks.  Speaking from personal experience, the buyer can retract their paypal payment and then they have item and payment.  Seller is stuck and buyer has great positive feedback.  Another one is the perpetual problem client.  This person buys three items from you, they receive items and tell you that one was incorrect item and they will return it, can you send them the correct item.  Well, at this point they already have positive feedback for payment, so it's tough to leave them feedback that now says, sorry for the problem with sending the wrong item.  This limits future sellers to catch the problem buyer.  So, they go on and do this to several sellers.
  2. as soon as buyer receives item they give feedback and seller reciprocates- This is a common seller theory.  It works like this:  The item ships and the buyer leaves feedback once they have received their item.  In turn, the seller then leaves them feedback.  For sellers this is a bit easier way to track what has been received and what is still lost/ missing/ in transit with shipping.  It also allows a great vein of dialogue between buyer and seller. 

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