Fake Tiffany Silver Jewelry

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Fake Tiffany Silver Jewelry
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I learned a valuable lesson when I purchased an "Authentic Tiffany silver cuff bracelet" for my daughter-in-law, at about half the price listed in the Tiffany catalog on an ebay auction. The pictures of the jewelry and box, along with the velvet pouch convinced me I had made a great money saving purchase.  If I had not purchased jewelry from Tiffany's in New York in the past, I might never have suspected I had won the bid on a fake bracelet. To begin with, the color of the box was close, but not close enough. The blue lining paper glued on the box was  a sloopy job. Tiffany boxes are a work of art themselves and made to perfection. The second give away was the pouch. It wasn't made of a high quality soft velvet easily pliable.  It was more like a cheap stiff felt like material. Even the Tiffany sack wasn't the heavy shiny paper of an orignal Tiffany sack. It was a non luster thin cheap paper. The cuff bracelet lacked the great workmanship of an original Tiffany bracelet. It was heavy enough, but I wondered what was under the silver coating that would most likely wear off with normal wearing of the bracelet.  I was tempted to scratch a place to see what metal was underneath the silver, but knew I couldn't return it to the seller if I did. I pointed out to the seller I knew without a doubt it was a fake. He not only refunded my money, but also paid for the return shipping. His excuse for selling a fake was that he was a guy and they looked good to him when he bought several.  I saw him selling several of them on ebay as authentic even after I told him they weren't real.  I know he made a small fortune off of unsuspecting bidders, as he tried to do the same with me. There is nothing wrong with owning fakes, if you know they AREN'T  authentic, but when you're spending close to $200 on a bracelet that isn't worth $20 and told it's authentic, to me that's a crime.  My story doesn't end here. I was appalled at the number of Tiffany jewelry being auctioned off with the word "authentic" or "auth" used in the description. I asked several of the sellers if they were in fact original Tiffany bracelets. Most of the replies were evasive and none would come out and say they were original when I pressed for an answer.  One seller was even hostile with her replies. I think the word had gotten out that I was on to their deceptions. Beware when bidding on Authentic jewelry. If the price is too good to be true, it probably is.
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