Fake Sony Camcorder Batteries

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Fake Sony Camcorder Batteries
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So...there are some unscrupulous people here in Ebay and they are advertising Genuine Sony Camcorder batteries (i.e. Sony NP-F970) for sale, sealed from the factory. We look at the price and start salivating, because batteries like these sell for $100 and up here in the United States. So what if the seller is overseas...maybe they just sell batteries cheaper over there because of the exchange rate or something. Then, to be on the safe side, we check their feedback. Well, folks, take it from me...there is no such thing as a free lunch. I have been HAD twice now. One time I bought 4 of these Sony batteries from an overseas seller and the other time I bought 2 "Genuine" Sony batteries from a seller here in the United States (Michigan). One seller had very good feedback and the other seller had perfect feedback. When I bought the first batch of 4 batteries from overseas, I immediately compared them to a real Sony battery of the same type (NP-F970) that I already owned. Luckily I had one to compare to because these fake batteries look almost exactly like the real thing. There were some small differences. First, the plastic is a lower grade, and the battery flexes when squeezed. The real Sony battery is made of a more solid plastic that does not flex when squeezed. The fake battery is slightly lighter, but not enough to notice readily. The stickers on the back of the fake batteries are ill-fitting and do not have the same information as the real batteries. The real battery has a half centimeter circular logo on the sticker on the back that is a white circle with a blue center. This logo has the word "Recycle" and the phone number "1.800.822.8837." The fake batteries do not have this logo. Another difference is on the front of the battery (the part you see when the battery is installed on the camera). The fake battery has a strange logo (perhaps some variation of the Infolithium?) in front of the NP-F970 label. The real battery has only the letters and numbers NP-F970 with no logo next to it. Another good indicator of whether the batter is fake or not is the appearance of the battery terminals (these are the two metal holes on the bottom where the battery plugs into the camera). The real battery uses a quality metal alloy that is shiny and the bottom of the holes has a flat surface. The fake battery is a dull metal and the bottom of the holes has a concave surface. The packaging for the fake batteries is pretty close to the real thing. However, all Genuine Sony products ship with a manufacture's limited warranty certificate. If you do not have one of these you should immediately suspect that the battery is a knockoff. Real Sony batteries do not ship with a cheesy folded paper instruction book (as far as I know). Basically, if you paid less than $100 for your NP-F970 battery, well, then you have a fake. Even if you paid $100 you are not guaranteed a genuine battery. If you were like me, and could not pass up a deal (even though it was too good to be true), look over your batteries when they arrive. If you notice the telltale signs of a fake, immediately complain through paypal or ebay or whatever until you get your money back. Do not try and use these devices. Most of these batteries will work to some degree in the camera. They might even last for a while. However, the battery does not have the Infolithium chip to communicate with the camera. The battery could malfunction and overheat/explode. It is not worth saving a small amount of money to put a large amount of money (the price of your camera/repairs) at risk. Compared to some professional battery solutions (Anton Bauer, etc.) Sony batteries are inexpensive and have very good longevity for the money. In other words, Genuine Sony batteries give you the most bang for the buck. I know we all want to get that awesome deal, but BUYER BEWARE!!!! If it says Genuine next to it...it probably isn't. Thank you for reading this and if you have any questions, message me and I will try to help.
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