Fake SD cards

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Fake SD cards
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I noticed quite a few reports up here of counterfit SD cards, so I just thought i'd quickly write my story.  I bought three 2GB SD cards from the sellerbut being up to date on Ebay's fake info, I was skeptical enough to fully test it before popping it into a camera.  These cards have no brand name, although the sticker on the front resembles Sandisk's logo, and there is no serial number on the back.  The cards appear authentic otherwise, and they reported 2GB of space as was claimed, and it even held a full 2GB of data - the problem was that it didn't really store the files....
I tested all sorts of documents, movie files, picture files, and everytime i copied them to the card, only about half or less of them would open.  The others would give me error messages saying the file is corrupt.  Yet when i erased the card and recopied the SAME data - sure enough the same thing happened, but this time with different files!  (in other words, some that didn't work the first time worked the second time, and vice versa)  So my diagnosis is that these cards are inconsistent, and the file stucture is definitely not up to SD standard.  And after aquiring a true Sandisk SD card from a local store, I ran the same tests...guess what?  It passed; no data failure whatsoever.  Obviously these 3 cards are fake, and I am still awaiting a refund from the seller after opening a dispute in Paypal's resolution centre.
Note also that i ran these tests on a PC and a Mac, with the same results in each case....yet curiously enough, after formatting the card once, i was thereafter unable to replicate the results on the PC, and on a camera, the pictures also saved just fine....what that means, i'm not sure, but at any rate, why tempt fate with something inconsistent?

Here are the details of the transaction:
Seller: hargaretchimee
Item Title: 2GB High Speed Secure Digital SD Card w/Free Reader .99

This seller is still actively selling these items with the exact same title and description, and they come in 2GB and 4GB.  My recomendation is to avoid this seller, as well as anything on Ebay that comes from China or Hong Kong.
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