Fake Louis Vuitton Bags on iOffer

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RE this guide, and to extend it a little:

You will NEVER be able to buy "wholesale lots" or "direct from factory" or "overstock" or "sale" items of Louis Vuitton, with one very small exception.


Louis Vuitton only sells their goods through their own stores. There is nowhere else you can buy Louis Vuitton. No major, minor, online, back door, anything stores. Nowhere. 

Louis Vuitton do this on purpose and guard their product diligently. It is VERY hard to sell your own, personal LV items on eBay, even if you did buy it from their store. They employ people to constantly scan the listed items, and you'll often find your genuine items pulled for no reason.

Here's the life of an item that is discontinued, and doesn't sell in a store:
Made  > Shipped to store > on display > discontinued > sold at staff sale/destroyed

Yes, there is a staff sale. ~70% off. Staff only. Couple of times a year. Very popular.

Anything that doesn't sell there is DESTROYED. There is no public sale, no stock clearance outlet deals... nothing. It is destroyed to retain the perceived value of genuine Louis Vuitton. There are no overruns, no factory direct, no anything at all like that.

So, anyone trying to sell you genuine LV, that didn't buy it in an actual LV store (or staff sale), is lying to you or has been duped themselves.

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