Fake Crocs Clogs DeFeet the Purpose!

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Fake Crocs Clogs DeFeet the Purpose!
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The biggest trend in footwear is hitting its stride.  Crocs have become a popular shoe for preppies, beach goers, boaters, trend-setters, teachers, kids, and those working in the medical field.  Now that everyone is hopping aboard, the Fashion Pirates are trolling for some ebay tourists. 

So, how do I spot a fake Crocs clog?  That's difficult, but there are a few things to look for:

A true pair of New Crocs Clogs should have heel straps that say "crocs tm" (the "tm" is much smaller). They should also have a picture of a happy Croc on the rivet for the heel strap.  This is a trademarked logo, so if there are other "crocs", they will look different*. 

This Croc has two eyes, with pupils, that show on his left side under two head bumps.  He has six uneven shaped bumps on his back.  He has a "happy" curve in his mouth under his left eye.  He has two tear drop shaped nostrils, and two three "fingered" hands that give him the appearance of getting ready to come out of the pool.  He has four white "stripes" on his front.  He is white with a black background and has a white ring around him. 

New Crocs Clogs may come with or without packaging.  Crocs will have the following on the bottom of the shoes:

1) the crocs website which is the dot com (I cannot write it here).

2) Number representing size (M and W), and may have size range such as XS

3) crocs

4) boulder, colorado  or other locations in the U.S., China, Mexico, or Italy   (check the website for changes, as this company is growing and expanding its lines).

5) Oh yeah...I can't keep up with the number of colors and styles in which Crocs are offered ... colorful is also a big trend!

Here are a few examples of styles: clogs* (holy & unholy : ), boots, Ugg-like (furry inside) clogs-called "mammoth", Mary Janes, flats, "Sporto" style shoes, wedges, pumps, thongs, golf spikes clogs, water sock tops, adjustable straps, soles in regular shoes - and the list will go on.  I personally LOVE the water sock top Crocs.  I used them at the beach and for boating in the lake. They are fantastic!!!

Crocs has also purchased You, and they are sold as "You by Crocs".  I have a pair of black wedge dress shoes and I love them!!!  They are the only high heels I have that don't put any pressure on the ball of my foot and my toes. I just bought the highball lambswool boots, and everyone loves them too!  They look great with a dress, or folded down for "the boots with the fur" look.

*Check the website for the charity crocs recycling program, "SolesUnited".  This program provides new Crocs from recycled materials to shoeless people in 3rd World Countries.  Special Crocs will have the recycle symbol on them (portion of proceeds go to charity).  If you are buying Crocs with a recycling symbol on them from ebay, you will need to look at the difference between the recycled Crocs (which will also have a recycling symbol, but will look different), and the Crocs that are sold to raise money for the charity.


Q:  Why would I never buy a pair of fake Crocs? 

A: That's easy!:

The original appeal of the Croc comes from its practical use.  Crocs are made of a trademarked material called Croslite.  This material is the most comfortable and practical of all shoe materials available.  They are odor resistant, can be sanitized, are ultra-light(less than 6 ounces), slip resistant, and uv resistant. They are also the best foot cushion you can imagine. They are comfortable with socks, or can be worn next to the skin and cleaned with soap. There are many styles available, but the fakes are showing up in the clog style. 

BTW:  It is illegal to sell a trademarked fake (new or used).  If you buy one, do not try to resell it.  They do actually prosecute people for this.  I know of a local purse and jewelry vendor who was just charged in a sting operation.  She wasn't selling on the internet.  If you sell on the internet, you are providing authorities with evidence.

Versions of the Croc style of clog have appeared in children's fashion catalogues in their own name brands, but they ARE NOT CROCS!  Other knock-offs (different brands of same style) are in discount stores, amusement park stores, beach stores, department stores, and  superstores.  Because Crocs are the new preppy trend, people want them.  However, Crocs are what will give the customers the best return on their investments.  Crocs are not that expensive, and used Crocs are okay to buy on EBay because they can be sanitized (The first time I saw these, the surgeons at Johns Hopkins were wearing them).  The shoes are good for people with heel spurs, bunions, swelling, or problems caused by diabetes (you should check the company site's Crocs RX brands). There is also a special line for restaurant and healthcare workers. 

Before you buy a used pair, ask how much the shoes were worn because you want a tread that's not worn out. Make your feet happy and buy the real thing...New OR Used.



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