Fake Chinese Panda coin sets

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Fake Chinese Panda coin sets
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You've seen these sets advertised.  They're either:  (1) 50 Panda coins that come in a case(25 silver coins and 25 gold 1/10 ounce coins), (2) sets of 3, 5, and 10 gold Pandas, or (3) the 5 silver coin set(4 silver coins and 1 large kg coin).  They look really nice in the pictures, and they come with what looks like certificates of authenticity.  If you are able to read Chinese(which I'm not, but the good people at my favorite Chinese restaurant are), you'll know that these official looking forms are merely gold and silver quotes making no mention of the crap you're looking at.  And it is crap.  The 25 silver coins are silver in color only.  I have no idea of the metal used.  Something other than silver.  They don't even weigh an ounce.  The 25 1/10 ounce "gold" coins are painted pieces of plastic.  (2) The sets of gold Pandas are of the same not gold or silver metal.  They may be gold plated.  They don't weigh an ounce.  They have no value.  (3) This case looks the most impressive in my opinion.  Who wouldn't want to own a kg of silver?  Oh my.  More crap.  Same worthless certificate.  The smaller coins are poorly made replicas.  The larger coin is, indeed, a kg, but a kg of something not silver.  And there is no case.  It'll come in a poorly wrapped cardboard box covered in packing tape.  There probably won't be a return address, but that won't matter since you've already paid the exorbitant shipping costs, so you might as well accept it.  You'll be disappointed.

To make and sell coins like this in the USA(hopefully the rest of the civilized world, as well)and try to pass them off as the real McCoy would be counterfeiting.  Don't be greedy.  The Chinese aren't retarded.  No one will sell you 10 Panda coins for $55.00 with shipping.  If it seems too good to be true, consult your local precious metals quotes(available in Asia)and ask yourself:  "Are they really that dumb to sell me these coins at a fraction of their value?" 

They aren't totally crap.  They're pretty.  They're something you probably won't find for sale in the US, so they're unique in that way.  Carry them in your pocket to impress people who don't know the value of crap.  Teach your children to dive for them in the pool.  Shock your friends by skipping them into a lake.  

Don't bring them into a coin store and ask their value.  You'll only look dumb. 


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