Fake Abercrombie Adirondack Jacket

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I just wanted to share my experience purchasing an Abercrombie Adirondack Jacket.  I recently purchased this jacket from a reputable seller.  The jacket was new with tags attached and was made in India.  With what I'd been able to find out I was sure that I was making a good purchase.  When the jacket got here it didn't fit right and it zipped up the wrong side.  We were going to the mall that day so we took the jacket with us.  To my surprise the jacket was a FAKE and a good one at that.  Abercrombie confirmed that there are many of these jackets floating around.  It looked just like the ones in the store.  They even did up the tag the same, but they scanned it and it came up invalid merchandise.  Anyway, now we have a fake Abercrombie jacket that doesn't fit.  I informed the seller of this incident and I got no response (wasn't surprised).  Just a warning, be so careful what you buy.
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