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Dec. 10, 2012.....Note...This article was originally written years ago when eBay didn't supply all the seller help they do now...There is no need for most of what I discuss in this article, but I am leaving it to help those that still want to send a personal message out directly to their buyers...

I have found a few methods to increase your business and positive feedback from your buyers who may forget, not know how or just are plain lazy and don't want to bother to do it.

As a seller, I always work hard to run an honest, well thought out auction. Plenty of photos, lots of description, clear terms to prevent anything going wrong on a transaction, takes a lot of effort and time.  I ship the same day payment is received or the next day on any late payments and am meticulous with the way the orders are packed, shipped and notifications sent to the buyer with the shipping information.

Now assume you did it all right as I try to do, would  you leave feedback when you get paid for the item?  The answer is a big NO.  Why you may ask, well eBay suggests that feedback should be left for each party when the item is received and both parties are satisfied with the transaction.  

I have extensive instructions on my Terms & Conditions web site explaining why and how to leave feedback and I also send information to the buyer at the time I ship the item.  Here is a sample of that email....please use it as a guide and create your own. Remember what you see  below is my creative words and is © Len Rapoport. (you can read another guide I wrote about stealing © images and written works)



I have received payment for your _______________ and it will ship today via First Class Mail with Delivery Confirmation.

On receipt it will be important for you to email me to let me know it has arrived safely and that everything is in order so I can leave feedback for you and you can then leave feedback for me. As a way of making sure my customers are satisfied, I prefer to leave feedback on notification of safe arrival of the product.

If you have any questions about my feedback policy, guarantee or any other business matters please visit my Terms & Conditions Center located at:

My Terms & Conditions Link Goes Here

I think you will find it can answer most of your questions.

I know there are many choices today in buying just about anything and appreciate your business and prompt attention to payment on this transaction.


Len Rapoport

A Proud eBay Silver Power Seller Since 1998


Most buyers are pretty good and will send me a little email that the item has arrived and it gives me an opportunity to send them another Thank You email for their getting back to me and for the feedback.  They usually notify me and leave feedback at the same time.

In the rare instance there is an issue or a problem, I now have clear communications with them and quickly resolve the problem to their complete satisfaction.  I offer a money back guarantee on all new merchandise and even some used items, so this is all part of good customer service that I offer.

Now in the rare case that the buyer does not contact me on receipt or leave feedback, I wait a couple of weeks and go through my entire open feedback report and send out another email to each buyer on that report.  Again, create your own email in your words, but this is what I send them:



I was just checking my Feedback Forum and noticed that you never left feedback on our transaction for:

(Copy or drag the link and name of the item so they can click here to go there.)

Since feedback is so important on eBay and helps us all identify the good guys from the not so good guys, I would urge you to leave feedback on our transaction.  By doing so my system will automatically leave positive feedback for you as well.

I understand that some ebayers are not familiar with the system and might find this a bit of a learning experience, but I can assure you it is easy to do and you will begin to add positive feedback to your profile.  If for some reason you felt I let you down and therefore decided not to leave feedback, it is important I know that as well. It is your feedback that helps me improve my service to all my customers.

How To Leave Feedback

  Please go to your Feedback Forum located at:

You will see how simple it is to leave feedback once you get there. There are also a few links to explain the importance of feedback and how to do it.


I am always searching for new and exciting products to offer my eBay customers so please check my store from time to time to see the new items.

Lens-Friendly-Auctions (link to my eBay store here)

You can also choose to bookmark our store and eBay will send you a notice each time I offer a new item.  It is a great way to stay in touch.

Hope to see you again at another auction or sale, I appreciate your patronage, quick payment and of course your positive comments should you choose to leave some.


Len Rapoport

A Proud eBay Silver Power Seller Since 1998


Now if this doesn't work and they still do not contact me or leave feedback, well I assume they got the item in good order and just don't feel compelled to go and leave feedback.  In those cases, I just let is go and won't contact them further.

Since there are many people out there and some are not all wonderful human beings, I won't leave feedback for the buyer unless they contact me or leave feedback for me.  Why you might ask... because my profile and feedback is something I work hard to earn and I bend way over backwards to please a customer.  For this reason I won't leave the feedback in the event they want to take a shot at me because they didn't like my face or they had a bad day and want to take it out on me.

Having the last word gives a seller a little bit of insurance in preventing un-deserved neutral or negative feedback.  On so many auctions the seller works on pennies and the feedback is the bonus or tip, you might say, when we do a good job.  Waiters work for less then minimum wages and work on tips, so do so many eBayers and our tips may not be the money we make, but the gratification getting feedback like this (taken from the most recent feedback, I get around 100 per month):

Great communications! Fast Payment! Wonderful to do business with! AAA+++++++

Great Product, fast shipping, excellent communication/descriptions

I am totally satisfied by the item, the shipping, everything! Great Seller!!

light exactly as listed, easy to install, very happy plants! thanks so much! A+++

excellent customer service.. i would buy from this person again A+


You will note that the one thing you see in all these is fast shipping, good communications, Exactly what was listed, good products.

So work hard and you will find that your customers will be happy and will leave you a nice "Ebay Tip" that you may not be able to take to the bank, but it will help you get through those very long days on the computer and the many trips to the post office.

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