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If you have ever gotten an email from ebay titled MC999, you know this is not good news!

Unfortunately ebay has taken it upon themselves to be judge, jury & executioner. You have NO SAY when you receive an email such as this, EVEN if you are NOT guilty of stated offenses. BELOW is such an email I received.

I would consider my problems with rotten sellers, like most other people on ebay, except I don't let these individuals get away with anything. I also do not consider the amount of complaints I opened to be excessive. I opened them because I was taken or not given the product I purchased. If I bumped into more of these than usual, this is NOT my fault.

The current system ebay has set up is faulty. Only a change in the system can prevent this from becoming a further problem. I don't treat people with disrespect when I sell something - I expect to be treated the same.

The fact that ebay assumes that I will change my practice, is a joke. If I have a complaint about a seller I will file it and leave a RED feedback. Those looking for a GREEN feedback - YOU WILL NO LONGER GET ONE. Consider my leaving "nothing" a positive feedback. I WILL NO LONGER PARTICIPATE in this system after this. ONLY rotten sellers will be pointed out.

To keep eBay a fair and safe marketplace for all members, we routinely review buying and selling activity. In reviewing your account, we found:
-- An unusually high rate of buyer protection cases being opened for items not as described.
Because of this behavior, we've removed from related seller profiles any neutral or negative Feedback, and any low detailed seller ratings left by you within the past year. Please be aware that if this activity continues, you may be subject to a range of other actions, including limitations on your buying and selling privileges, and suspension of your account.
If you have a problem with a transaction, we encourage you to contact the seller first to work out a solution. For more information about contacting your seller, go to:

For information on rules for buyers, go to:

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.
Please don't reply to this message. It was sent from an address that doesn't accept incoming email.


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