FEEDBACK: Leave It First or Wait For It? Great Question

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FEEDBACK: Leave It First or Wait For It? Great Question
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FEEDBACK: Leave It First or Wait For It? Great Question!

You purchased a great gadget on eBay that you're very happy with it! You haven't received feedback from your seller yet. Do you give your feedback first, or do you wait and receive then give? This guide as effort to help give buyers and sellers perspective about feedback sharing. It's my opinion, and not by any means the only way to look at feedback and how it affects eBay members. Hopefully sharing my experience and outlook on feedback will help someone else who is struggling with this inevitable question. Let's chat, shall we?

What is 'Feedback'?

For each transaction, the eBay buyer and seller are allowed to rate each other by leaving feedback. Feedback is left and received one time per transaction. Follow-ups are optional, and a wonderful way to note a small remark regarding the feedback you've left for someone, or for a feedback you've received.

Feedback consists of a rating (positive, neutral, or negative), and a short comment or note about your experience with the eBay User. Feedback ratings are used to determine individual member profiles. In other words, feedback is like the scoreboard at a game - it can determine if you're winning, losing, or trying to catch up.

Why is feedback such a big deal?

Feedback ratings can make and break sales. If a seller has Powerseller status and their feedback score drops below 98.1%, it's possible for the seller to lose their status as Powerseller. Buyers look at seller's feedback scores to determine how much experience they have on eBay, and whether they appear to be someone they'd like to do business with. Feedback scores drop with the addition of each negative mark. Neutral ratings don't affect the member's bottom line score - they don't take away from the score, nor do they add to it. Positive feedback adds one positive point to a member's total score.

So, who should give feedback first?

Sellers Leaving Feedback :: Once a transaction has been completed, meaning the auction has ended with a winner, payment was promptly received, and the item was shipped, feedback should be left for the buyer - but when?

Many sellers want to know their customer has received their auction item and they are satisfied with the product and the seller's service. A great way to know if the buyer is happy, is through their positive feedback for the transaction. After the seller receives a positive feedback, there is no question whether the buyer has any complaints, or the seller has issues to deal with at that time.

Please be aware that feedback is not the place to initiate a complaint about a product or the service of a seller. The Seller needs to know about your concern before you mark a negative rating on their name. If communication is given through email or telephone conversation prior to neutral/negative feedback, there is a great possibility the problem can be resolved before resorting to negative feedback. I feel a negative feedback is the last action to take when trying to resolve purchase issues. Many sellers state in their auctions and about me pages to contact them first if there are any problems before leaving neutral or negative feedback - they want you happy. If a negative is left for a transaction before communicating the problem to the seller, more than likely the buyer won't get a resolution to the problem from the seller.

My opinion is seller's give feedback after it is received from the buyer. Let the buyer have the opportunity to receive their purchase, look over the item, and communicate through email or telephone conversation if they have a problem which needs resolution. I'm not implying to wait on feedback and initiate 'an eye for an eye...' feedback war. I'm opposed to that and believe it's unprofessional. What I am saying is leave the door open for positive interaction with your customers. Waiting will also help deter unwarranted negative feedback from the buyer. Please watch your feedback so you will know when your customer has left you positive feedback, and reciprocate positive feedback in a timely manner.

Buyer's Giving Feedback :: As a buyer, you want to be rewarded with positive feedback after you've made your prompt payment. Sellers know this, and it's one of the reasons they struggle in determining how to leave feedback for their awesome customers. Although you may be one of the great eBay customers that communicate issues through email, and give your sellers an opportunity to work out kinks and problems without taking it out on the feedback scoreboard, not all buyers do.

How do you ensure you'll receive the positive feedback you deserve as an A+++++ eBay Buyer? There is no policy on eBay that I've seen stating a transaction must have a rating. I've given positive feedback to many sellers and never received positive feedback in return. In those circumstances where feedback hasn't been reciprocated, I contact the seller in a cordial email asking them to please return positive feedback for our transaction. This works as a friendly reminder to the seller, because they may have simply overlooked the received feedback. In a few instances, I didn't receive return feedback or a return email. In those rare cases, I simply make a mental note that I don't want to do business with that seller again, and they lose me as a customer. I'm an eBay shopper as well as a seller, so I can relate to both sides of the powerful feedback quest.

If you would like additional information on feedback and your options, please check out eBay's community. There are discussion boards, chat rooms, and blogs set-up for discussing feedback. On eBay's Site Map, users have many options and choices concerning feedback, including; feedback forum, following up to feedback you left for others, leaving feedback for a member, leaving feedback for a transaction, making feedback public or private, replying to feedback received and viewing a member's feedback.

Thank you very much for reading my guide! I hope it's useful, and you've taken something positive from it. Please remember to vote for this review below... Thank you!

Best Wishes!
Jenny - LimitedWear
LimitedWear on eBay

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