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I have am sad to see that there are growing number of fake Victoria's Secret PINK items on Ebay. I am a HUGE Victoria's Secret PINK fan and I purchase PINK and also sell PINK on Ebay. When I first started I never saw any fake PINK items and now that PINK is becoming more popular I've started to spot many knockoffs. I'm not sure if the buyers/bidders that are purchasing these items know that they aren't authentic - I can't imagine why someone would pay the same price for a fake pair of sweats when they can purchase real ones.

You're probably asking yourself - How do I know that they are fakes? I wouldn't consider myself to be a PINK expert or anything, but I pretty much know what was released in all of the seasons since the PINK line started. Most of the time you can just tell by looking at them. If you are a new PINK fan you probably wouldn't be able to tell if you were purchasing a knockoff or not. Chances are if you've never seen that color or design at the store or online - it's a knockoff. Most of the ones that I see are listed as NWOT and are similar to items that were released, but PINK never released those particular colors. Here are some examples:

-S.S. LOVE PINK sweats were only released in ahoy white, ahoy blue, and ahoy green

-ROYAL PINK sweats were only released in blue with pink letters

-Yellow, green, and orange VARSITY patch sweats/hoodies never were released

-A lot of the fake hoodies I see are dirty orange, burgundy, and deep dark yellow.

These are just some of the fake PINK items I've seen. Searching through Ebay right now I see knockoff sweatpants, hoodies, shorts, and tees. Do you think it's fair to spend money on an item that is not even authentic? I'm not going to copy the pictures of the fake items onto this guide because I do not want to offend any sellers. It is embarrassing for a buyer because if you purchase these thinking they are real and wear them out other PINK fans will know that you are wearing a knockoff. I just had to get this off my mind because I do not think it is fair to buyers/bidders to sell fake merchandise to unsuspecting buyers.


I have received a lot of questions and comments regarding this guide and other fellow PINK lovers have pointed out some tips.

-Powersellers are also selling fake PINK items. A fellow Ebay member told me purchased a fake item from a Powerseller, and she could tell by the way they felt and fit that they were fake. She told me they felt really thin and cheap. She told the seller that she wanted a refund because the item was not authentic. The seller gave her a refund but still claimed that they get their items from a reputable wholesaler. PINK DOES NOT SELL IT'S CLOTHING IN HUGE WHOLESALE LOTS!

-If the item is located outside of the United States it is probably a fake.

-I also had a buyer contact me telling me she purchased a fake hoodie from a Powerseller on Ebay. She noticed the real one in the store had the signature PINK dog logo on the zipper pull. The one that she purchased was a different color (a color that was never released), felt thin and cheap, and did not have the dog on the zipper pull. She messaged the seller and was told that Victoria's Secret does not put the dog on the zipper unless the hoodie is $150+. That is FALSE INFORMATION! I have plenty of hoodies from the PINK line that have the dog on the zipper pull and they were nowhere near $150!! She also told me the letters had individual tissue paper stuck to them. PINK items should NEVER come like this. Tissue paper on individual lettering is an indication of a fake. 

I've had tons of requests to view merchandise for buyers to verify if it's authentic so please feel free to contact me if you'd like my opinion.

Please message me if you have any questions or comments.

Hope this helps someone from purchasing a fake!

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