FAKE Sciphones

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I spent quite some time on ebay.com to figure out how I could possibly find a "genuine" Sciphone i68+ before I have it actually in my hands and can dial *#8375# and then check the output. From the pictures in the listings you quite often do not see the identification points.

- Start up with Sciphone Logo (can only be checked when you have the phone)
- Battery marked Sciphone and NOT Aphone - look for clear pictures - when cut off and not visible be careful
- Two IMEI numbers
- SCI stickers as well as Sciphone written inside, etc
- LS- or SCI- (REAL)

and maybe now ITOUCH680 which I cannot really confirm right now..I will keep you updated on that. My phone is on the way

The text I realized is quite often not really matching the pictures. Non of  the above is visible. The pics showed a FAKE but if you do not know what to look for, how can you tell? . Also I realized that many people found out after they already gave the sellers a positive feedback that they ended up with a FAKE. So feedback rating does not mean anything. 99% positiv but selling FAKE Sciphones.

(also I realized that the dimensions of the FAKE and the genuine Sciphone are NOT the same and whenever it is mentioned COMMERCIAL batteries it is mainly batteries with Chinese characters other criteria do generally also not match - be carful.

Be careful with PX-XS...MAUI..SKY..etc series..most likely not original Sciphone..this is OK if not mentionned "genuine" or "original" but I saw a few sellers which advertised "original" Sciphone and did not meet any of the above mentioned identification criterias. I am writing this guide only for buyers who do want to buy a genuine Sciphone.

So my recommendation would be to copy the output i.e. TOUCHI860- BUILD 2009/05/31 18.29 instead of just say perfect - fast shipping. Like this the FAKE sellers could be identified much easier ..If you are happy with the phone and do not care if you got a "clone" or a "clone of a clone".. it should be positive but with this information everybody can decide to whether they want to buy it or not and could probably see what they would get. Be also very careful if the ebay seller are putting the items as private, because like this you cannot see what has been sold and what the positiv feedback was for. If a seller is selling genuine merchandise why should he hide the items purchased?

When asking for this kind of information from most sellers, I did not get any reply at all. Two sellers were honest enough even advertised as "original" that they  would definitely not sell  the version I was looking for. Three sellers confirmed the version 3.0a and promised me to get an authentic one. Another one even sent me pictures and advised me what to look for, which was very honest. And some told me when asking for the output LS- SCI- etc to stay away from buying...this was pretty clear to me that another seller which does not sell original but advertises original...it is just a nightmare on ebay.com....

So I went ahead and will see what  I will get and will place the output on the phone on the sellers ebay feedback.You can make your decision if you  feel it  genuine enough. There is never a 100% guarantee but maybe you can eliminate quite a few sellers or get them to adverise it properly.
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