FAKE JIMMY CHOO Handbags-How to spot FAKE!

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Don't be fooled! Many of the Jimmy Choo bags on ebay are fake. 

Most of the new bags have been faked almost as soon as they are released.

There are some pretty obvious signs. First of all, no one is going to sell a NEWLY released authentic $1200-2500. handbag for $300-600. Just because the starting price is high is not a guarantee either.  Also if they are selling more than one of the same bag, be wary! Also 1 day listings almost always mean FAKE.

They will ALL say the bag is authentic. Just because they have a receipt and tags, this means nothing. The fake bags come with fake tags and fake receipts!!!!

You may see used authentic bags in this price range, but not new. Especially the Ramona , Mahala, Mave, Marin, Saba, Lohla Jayne and Alex. Most of these bags selling on e-bay are fake.

Does the seller accept Paypal?  I will only paypal or a credit card, period! If they won't accept some type of credit card look elsewhere unless you are certain of the seller. 

If you see one you are interested in, have it authenticated if you are not familiar with the seller.  You can do this for free at thepurseforum.   

I'm not saying you can't find an authentic J Choo bag on e-bay.  But there are a lot of fakes as well. Look at the pictures provided in the listing you are interested in. Make sure they are pictures of the actual bag, if you are unsure ask the seller if they are stock pictures and if so have them send you actual pictures of the bag. I'm ALWAYS leery of stock pictures. If the pictures are blurry that may be another sign of a fake...not always, some people are just not good at taking pictures, but if you are paying alot of money for a handbag, ask for clear pictures. 

Some things to look for:

 The fakers rarely get the font (style of lettering) right on the interior lilac nameplate. The fake letters of the Jimmy Choo name are almost always too thick. Also they sometimes do the H in Choo all wrong, not always, I've seen some with the right H, but the font is always off (see pics below).   Also the lining on most of the newer authentic bags is tan color moleskin. Some of the clutches like the Zulu may have a dark fabric lining with a small leather nameplate. I am also seeing some bags with a snakeskin print lining.  They also may have a leather interior nameplate instead of the lilac metal plate.   The newer bags are now coming with a small silver interior nameplate which is stitched to the bag. You can also see pics of authentic bags on the Jimmy Choo web site.

Authentic Choo bags never come with plastic wrap on the handles. The lilac Choo care card will not be attached to the bag like a hangtag. Choo bags do not come with hangtags!  If you see any of these things on a bag, question it!

IF YOU SEE A PATENT LEATHER BAG IN BRIGHT ELECTRIC BLUE IT IS FAKE.  For some reason ebay removed all my pictures below.

The first 2 pictures below are of an AUTHENTIC Electric Blue Marin Clutch. 

See how fine the font is? The zipper right above the lilac nameplate (see above) should be colored, not gold metal like some fakes. 

Above is the exterior nameplate on an Electric Blue Marin Clutch. It is the same on the Mahala, Maddy and Mave. The background color should be the same color as the bag. Blue on a blue bag, Red on a red bag. The exterior zippers are also very intricate and thick on these bags. I can usually tell a fake one by the zippers so ask for close ups! Also, they DO NOT make the electric blue bag in patent leather, so if you see one it is FAKE!

This picture shows a FAKE Ramona. The Jimmy Choo name on the gold plate should be centered between the two rivets on the plate. This one shows the name lower...dead giveaway! Also if you flip the big metal nameplate over, the rivets will have flat tip screws-looks like this(-), not hex head -like this(+). Ebay will not let me post any more pictures so I didn't show this.

This is an AUTHENTIC Riki (same as the Ramona only smaller) See how the lettering is centered between the rivets? See the skinny little H is Choo? I am seeing some fakes now with the lettering centered, so be careful! The metal plate should be very shiny gold, not dull looking.

This is a FAKE Red Mahala. See how the lettering (font) is thicker on the nameplate than the pics of the authentic blue Marin above. Also the leather trim should not be patent on the inside of the bag as this is. The lilac ribbon should be gros grain ribbon with little scollops on the edge beneath the stitching.


Authentic Maddy (small Mahala). This shows a close up of what the zippers look like on the Mahala, Maddy, Mave, Marin, Marcia, Morgan, Malena. See how they have little diamonds in the center of the zipper.  Also note the color of the stitching (beige) and background material of the zipper (light brown) on this bronze color. The fake bronze bags have a dark brown background color and the stitching is darker as well.

Note: The  Mahalas and Maddys  for 2008 do not have the intricate zipper, but the older ones do and so do the newer ones.


Most of the FAKE ALEX bags on ebay have the H in the Choo wrong on all the GOLD  hardware! The H should NOT look like this(H). The cross line that connects the 2 vertical  posts in the letter should be high up...not directly in the center. They seem to have gotten the H right finally on the lilac nameplate, but not on the gold hardware.

The picture to the left shows the correct font and is authentic! See how the H is crossed high.

The picture above shows the wrong H and is FAKE! Most of the Alex bags on ebay have the wrong H on the hardware like this.


DO NOT PAY BIG $$$ FOR A FAKE!!! I have seen fakes that have sold for almost $1000.  Postive feedback is not a guarantee either. Some of these sellers have great feedback. Lots of buyers just don't know the bags are fake, so they leave good feedback. I think some people just want to have the bag, they don't care if it is fake. But anyone who carry's authentic bags can tell.

I'm seeing alot of what appears to be resale fakes. I think these sellers bought a fake,  were thrilled when they got it, realised it was not authentic and now are trying to sell. Some even admit it, which is also an ebay no-no! If you can't guarantee it is authentic, it is a violation of ebay rules to sell it!

 Just because they stage the bag well, have good feedback, are a Power Seller or have a high starting price doesn't mean it is authentic...


**Please respond below if this guide was helpful. Sellers of fake bags will vote no, so I need your vote so I can see if it is worth keeping this guide updated! Updated 11/06/2012.   


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