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 You may read OTHER various guides on FAKE ear buds from major manufacturers but no guide will save you if you buy on eBay. Ebay sellers knowingly and not knowingly sell knock-offs, only their distributors know for sure.

So what do you do?

Listen up, the Chinese are way ahead of the Knock-off Game. When a plug is straight instead of offset, when a cord is too short, when a bud is too big, THEY COMPENSATE and supply according to information from their suppliers. What does it mean? It means unless you have a company representative to examine them the Chinese will always win. I'm a Canadian, there is less Chinese items in Canada then the USA, hell you got Chinese products in your food, we don't have that!

Don't get upset!

When a product is brand new to the market it is REAL. The FAKES drift in after a while. You have to remember that China has NO COPYRIGHT LAWS PERIOD. You see it all the time, stores selling the knockoffs of Toys etc., so why not Ear buds!

Here's one US Seller esalecenter selling Sennheiser CX 300's for $15.99. He even has feedback claiming his goods are Fake. The above picture is his. This product has been compromised, you'd need to buy directly from the manufacturer because this product has been on the market too long.

Forget China-Hong Kong Sellers Altogether

Solution, Research (Type in FAKE & the product) in discussion groups on the internet, stay cool, ask questions and GOOD LUCK.

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