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I am amazed and sickened to see the amount of fake Yurman items being sold for TOP DOLLAR on ebay. These items are being purchased wholesale from a company in China. (If you do a search for Yurman knockoffs, it is fairly easy to find....I don't want to provide url because I don't want these crooks getting more business!) Two items in particular are being sold in large quantities, the diamond split shank ring (large stone with diamonds surrounding it) and the renaissance stone bracelet. These items are being sold with a Yurman bag, polishing cloth and a Certificate of authenticity. The items are actually made fairly well made with genuine stones and materials (real diamonds, 14k gold and sterling silver). They are even marked with the appropriate DY markings! Many buyers are being suckered into thinking that they got the real deal. These items from China cost about $110 and are going on ebay for some over $700. I wrote one seller to let her know how disturbing I thought her practices were, but was told to mind my own business. Beware of the sellers that have pics of the item from the website BUT when they take the actual pic it is blurry and fuzzy...the seller will apologize and make up some lame excuse that their camera is not functioning correctly, etc. They are doing this because a professional will be able to tell by the markings that it is a copy and will have the items thrown off of ebay. Fuzzy pics and blurriness also camoflauge iferior quality. Authentic Yurman pieces are always so much clearer and brighter that these fakes, particularly if you have them side by side. If you are interested in an item with fuzzy or blurry pics, contact the sellers and ask them to send you some clearer ones. Several sellers are even using the actual description and pics from the actual website from China! Unfortunately some bad sellers are receiving positive feedback for their "beautiful" items (yuck). Make sure that when you are checking feedback that the positive feedback is indeed for something that you are trying to purchase. For example, one seller was selling 20+ very cheapo QVC rings for about $15/pop. In her feedback buyers would write great ring! or great price for a beautiful ring! After receiving several of these feedbacks, she then went on to list about 5 fake David Yurman rings. So, check what the feedback is for. Also, beware of sellers that have several of the same item for sale. Beware of a seller who is reluctant to share with you where they have purchased their items (why wouldn't they say they purchased from Saks? or Neiman Marcus?) Beware of those certificates of authenticity. I have purchased several pieces of Yurman from retailers and have never received them. I see that some folks say that they are legit, BUT I also know that the China sellers ALWAYS include an "authentic COA" with every order. This is in order to deceive, to make it look legit. If you are in doubt, even if things are marked, take them to a Yurman dealer. They want to help get rid of all of the imposters and knockoffs that are floating around, essentially taking money right out of their pockets by stealing their good name. Please read my new guide posted on October 8, 2006 that addresses some other interesting issues with ebay and David Yurman sales: ASK-for-RETAIL-PRICE-Private-ID-auction.
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