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Think you are getting a luxurious brand owned by celebrities for a real steal?  There could be a reason why the price is so low.....IT COULD BE A FAKE!

In case you haven't read my other designer handbag buying guides, please click on the link by my name that says "Top 100 Reviewer".  This will take you to all of my guides to give you a little more detailed information and counterfeit handbags in general.  I also have a guide posted on counterfeit goods in general which will give you some very important information such as your counterfeit purchase may be supporting child abuse, illegal activity and even terrorism.  Is that knock-off really worth the cost?

This guide is just to give you an idea of some of the styles of Balenciaga handbags and wallets that are being made so you can be on the alert if you are considering bidding on one on Ebay. (Again, please see my other guides on things to look for and questions to ask sellers to reduce your chances of getting a fake.)

Of course you can find authentic Balenciaga handbags on Ebay for some wonderful deals, I just want people to be aware of how many of them are actually fakes so that you will look into the item before making a purchase.  Look at all the pictures, read the seller's feedback and ask questions about how they aquired the bag.  Ask if they guarantee authenticity and do not consider a purchase if the seller does not guarantee authenticity.  The reason for this is because an authentic bag may be PICTURED but that may not be the bag you receive.  So get that guarantee!  Or buy from a seller you know and trust so there is no worries.

I'm no Balenciaga expert as far as telling you how to spot the differences so I'm sorry I'm unable to help you there.  For more details on how to spot the differences I would search the guides for a Balenciaga how to spot the differences guides or do a Google search.  You can also visit ThePurseForum and find some helpful people there who are familiar enough with this brand to help you with some details.  But the simple rule is this:  If the price seems too good to be true (especially on a BRAND NEW w/tags bag), then it is probably a fake.



BUT BEWARE, sellers are now pricing their fake bags MUCH HIGHER in an effort to make them appear authentic!  While a low price may be an obvious indication of a fake, you can not depend on a high price to help you spot the real deal!  Be careful no matter the price of the bag!


But for starters, I at least want to let you see some of the items that ARE being counterfeited.  And this is only a FEW of the types that are being counterfeited.  There are more.  You can google the style you are interested in and put the word replica with it and see if anything comes up.  Or go to Ioffer or Tradekey (two replica sites) and see if the bag you are interested can be found there. If so, you will need to ask plentyof questions for proof of authenticity such as how they acquired the bag (if they say from a supplier, run!  If they say from the manufacturer, ask where their retail store is located and confirm its existence.)  Here are a few Balenciaga styles that are commonly counterfeited:

All the bags and wallets that you see above are fake.  Even the ones with boxes and dustbags and tags.  The fakes all come with these things, authenticity cards, everything. Are they the same as the genuine article?  Of course not.  The bags above were all for sale at replica sites.

They also come in the other colors and other styles.  I'm only allowed to post 10 pictures per guide so I was limited to these 10.  But there are many, many more.  Of course the more popular a bag, the more likely it will be counterfeited so the MOTORCYCLE bag is highly counterfeited but as you can see above, it is by no means the only one being copied.

Also, if the bag looks authentic in the photos (and you feel certain it is) make sure the photos are not "stock photos" (pictures copied from other websites or sellers).  Some sellers will have pictures of an authentic bag but will send a fake in its place.  Have the seller prove they are photos of the actual bag (by providing a picture of the bag with their seller name in the photo, etc.).  Most sellers who take their own photos take the photos in the same location.  Look at their other photos and see if the background is the same.  I use the same background for 99% of my photos so my buyers can recognize that they are my actual photos.

I'm just trying to help the Ebay community, particularly the buyers, who may not be aware that they are about to bid on a counterfeit, illegal item.  The average person does not want to break the law or own a counterfeit item so I'm trying to help these people.  Also, counterfeits are by no means the same quality as the real thing.  They will fall apart in no time....after its too late to get your hard earned money back.

Please see my other guides for more information on counterfeit items and visit the International Anti-Counterfeit Coalition's webiste for more information.  

Quick tidbit:  Balenciaga listings that say "100% Leather" or "Genuine Leather" are usually fake.  Because, uhhh, duh that an $1,800 handbag is going to be made of genuine leather. They are having to point out that it is genuine leather because some of the fakes are not.  They probably bought there bags from a supplier who was boasting about them being made of genuine leather because some fakes are not (there are different levels of fakes). When you go into a luxury department store and are looking at bags in this price range do you think a sales clerk is going to say "and look, its made of genuine leather!" when it has a $2k price tag? Or even a $500 price tag?  This type of  "genuine leather" description usually accompanies fakes.

When you see a luxurious handbag such as Balenciaga being described as being made of genuine leather, interpret it this way: "This handbag is not a real Balenciaga. But it is real leather (or at least a good enough fake leather to fool you).  It is made to look like a Balenciaga.  It is meant to fool your friends, co-workers and strangers on the street (as long as they don't know what a real one actually looks or feels like).  Look, its even fooling you because you're about to buy it.  I'm even offering a money back guarantee on your satisfaction of this replica handbag because you will be deceived into believing you have a real Balenciaga...and because I say its 100% authentic you will believe me.....until it falls apart, and people are laughing at you because they know its fake....but by then,  I will be long gone spending your hard-earned money and you will not be able to locate me". 


And ANYTIME you see a designer handbag with plastic covering the handles you can rest assured that you will receive a fake.  So, if you see plastic on the handles, skip the bag.


KNOW your seller.  Ask plenty of questions.  And remember being a PowerSeller means nothing.  Many PowerSellers sell counterfeit goods.  Nothing against PowerSellers, I'm one myself but that has nothing to do with items being authentic, it only means you sell a lot of stuff (and that stuff can be fake). 

Report ANY counterfeit item you receive to Ebay and the International Anti-Counterfeit Coalition.

If you found any of this information helpful, please take a moment to vote "yes" below.  I like to know how many Ebayers (who aren't selling counterfeit goods..those people always vote no...) find this information helpful. Thanks so much!

Hope you found this information helpful!  Thanks for taking the time to read my guide.



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