Everything that has happened to me on eBay in 8 years +

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Everything that has happened to me on eBay in 8 years +
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Life is really a box of CRAYONS

You get a different color every day.

You can choose to color in or out of the lines.

It is a bit more fun to color out of the lines............. 


I really wanted to title this:

CONFESSIONS OF A EBAYER/Everything that has happened to me on eBay in 8 years and 2 months +.

I hope this guide will be helpful to newbies and the seasoned ebayer as well. This is going to be my final test of eBays freedom of speech policies. If the guide is helpful to you in some way and you larn something new make sure you let me know. Do it here or send me a eBay message. Doing both is the most helpful, about 1/3 of you seem read and run. Thats ok too.

You can check on eBay  facts when I first signed up. July of 1999, the rest you will have to take at face value. I am a story teller so I do embellish a bit,but I will not tell you a direct lie like Clinton or Bush. The two biggest liars this Country has ever had for Presidents.

Clinton can embellish lies at times in his Arkansas drawl with a smile. Bush straight out lies with a smirk and gets tangled up in his own words as the truth trys to get out between his clinched teeth the words of of his well written scripts.

There now that I got rid the daily pain in my gut and about 500 Republicans and ticked off and Black Preacher imitator Hillary Clinton(Who might as well be a Republican)  as a matter of fact I contend anyone making $35,000.00 and more a year is a Republican wether they want to believe it or not. WWJD throw them out of the Temple!!

With that taken care off  I can begin.

Everyone says this when something new and exciting comes along, but I really had the idea for eBay before it started. I was actively trading,buying and selling Fine American/Canadian Indian Art with a snail mail Bid and Buy photograph auction. I knew the internet would be ideal place to do the same auction thing but I wasn't computer literate enough to get it set up on my own. I had been going to live auctions for about 35 years and knew how entertaining they were. It was always more fun to me than Casino Gambling but similar in many ways. Somewhere in my Apple computer are emails where I was seeking computer nerds to do the same. I tried to get a few high school kids in my home town to help me they knew the computer but could not understand the concept I was trying to implement. I would try to explain it and they would drift off or start playing the latest computer game. The following photo is Quality Acoma Pottery from one from my Bid and Buy snail mail packet.


I hired several different student consultants to provide me with technical assistance.I was also teaching Driver Education then on the side and if I got some student who was a very poor driver  I knew instinctively he was a computer nerd. Even before I knew what a nerd was. These kids could not relate to the realtime road they thought the stuff going by on the windshield was a game. A few of them even piled me up. One on a cold steely glare icy December 23rd,1997. He barely hit the ABS brakes on that Cadillac Deville the computer assisted braking mechanism did not kick in and the Michigan Plate SAFE 1 skidded off the road into the woods.

Safe 1 headed for first the speed limit sign,wump!I thought it was going to stop, It was like riding on the very edge of a bulldozer blade at 40 miles per hour. Wump a white Pine the size of a large log cabin log snapped off. Right on the passager side where I was now hanging on for dear life,wump!!!!The final twist into the last Pine,plowing it out of the ground, filling the grill with Christmas Tree like branches decoration in the Grill. I asked the kid to change places with me and his sad face said ,"you are not going to flunk me because I wrecked your car are you Mr G?" I said no fakeing calmness and climbed into the drivers seat and rocked that big caddy out of the brush and off the last tree. " I am sorry Mr G."now a plaintive wail.
Just in time, pulled back up on the roadway to a donut shaped Sheriff Deputy madly taking photos of the Safe 1 plates, Deville. and Crash scene. For no other purpose other than to provide a good uproaring laugh back at the cop shop.... I said hey no pictures! Then I had to talk Deputy Donut out of ticketing the student driver for going too fast for conditions before he ever got his license.

I hired the nerd crash kid,he really knew computers and I could teach him how to drive for hours on end! He recommended that I start with Apples latest prodigy the Newton because I could not type very well and as he explained it, that Newton would read my hand written scratching. It did and every sentence it produced was like a message spelled out on a Owejee board or 8 Ball fortune teller. I never got anything I actually wrote but exciting recommendations, astrology,fortune and fame in complete beautiful sentences. That unknow reaction was the only thing I ever found the Newton good for,a good laugh.I went out and bought a complete Apple Computer 3 system for $6,000. I had no idea what I was doing and could not wait for my $1.50 per hour computer consultant to explain everything so I started flying the internet by the seat of my pants. I plugged in that phone jack to AOLand the computer started acting like it was on automatic pilot,it was making some other noise but all I could hear  in my head was Cha-ching,Cha-ching, Cha----ching!!! $$$$$$$$ And I had no idea how much I was being charged so I grabbed the phone jack cord in the middle and jerked it from the wall in a complete panic!

I finally got the user friendly Apple so I could go on line and email and surf the net for many hours. Emailing the dream of a on line American Indian fine art auction with others and checking out newly created websites. I did that every chance I got for most of the remainder of 97-98- I even had a few people lined up who said they could help me do that! and  Then the Big DIVORCE hit WAM welcoming in New Year 1999. That was shortly after I threw the Christmas tree out the back door,because she was playing their song when I came home from work and it certainly wasn't going to be a Merry Christmas listening to their music. One of the last things I heard as my beautiful wife left the house was," and I will never own a damn computer." and she still doesn't God Bless her.

I sold everything I could get my hands on bought a RV and went back on the road.. I was always a bit like my friend Willy Nelson.Even looked a bit like him in shaggy beard and hair,and all, I even puffed a few joints in my day ,and by did I ever inhale too, I sucked that sweet smoke in deep lungs until my eyes started spinning just a few joints because I learned that when you smoked dope you might just as well kiss acomplishments goodby,both short term and long term goals would fade away as quickly as the dope smoke.

 I really loved the open road!!!!  That is what I was addicted too,the open roads Stretched out across America,I would dream away the miles there with visions of  Easy Rider, John Steinbeck Travels with Charley,or Jack Kerouac,Karault, and Woody Guthrie...... and many,many others. If you want good on the road reads or tunes type their names in the main eBay search engine all their books,videos, and music will come up at reasonable prices. Actually cheaper than you can now drive to your library.

 Finally I landed  in one place(Tucson) long enough  to check my auction emails and low and behold typed auction in a search engine and there was eBay!!!! Somebody Elses Idea......... E BAY in BIG multi colored letters and quite user friendly. I felt like I had just lost a baby.


I piled all my remaining American and Canadian Indian Art in my Monster,actually a FORD RV, I called it my Vegetable Stand then set up to vend and Indian Trade. I sat up along highways,flea markets,gun shows,poWWows,Gem and Rock shows,you name it the vegetable stand was there.I sold moccasins from one border to the other East,West,North,South.



The first set up was Quartzite Arizona, which could be called  Dustbowl Arizona , I proceeded to sell and Indin Trade as I had done years earlier in the 60's. I paid more for my first purchase in Quartzite which was magnetic signs for the Monsters doors than anything I sold. I sold 500. per day in some places up to 3,500. per weekend then I broke two expensive Southwestern Pueblo pots over a thousand dollars wholesale so I decided to find some new unbreakable product. I was sitting there contemplating my navel when my eyes focused on my blurred extremely comfortable moosehide Huron Moccasins which I had worn for years. I rushed to the Trader next door and purchased my signs. I called Ginette Bastien and asked her if I could represent the Bastien Company all over the U.S.A.? She said  yes she needed someone to be a Dealer Rep for her company in the States as well.


I quickly put these magnetic signs on Monsters doors ,ordered a shipment of Huron Moosehide Moccasins sent to Arizona and I was ready to rock and  roll. Don't use that information on the doors to contact me it is outdated! If you want tha pair of these comfortable long lasting moccasins just type mocassinman in the search engine. You might also read all my other moccasin Guides and then Send me Ebay email  with your size and style information and I will list a pair in your size for you to purchase. If you want 6 or more pair to one address for your whole family or office group for the Holidays I will give you 15% off list and Holiday basket them for you to purchase.

 I didn't have time to set up my Apple computer in the motor home so I started accessing my eBay account where ever I could find a computer. That was mostly libraries or rare coffee houses. I was a buyer first, the first two things I bought was a Scottish Dagger from a Lady in California. The Second thing I purchased was a Large Canadian Flag about 28 feet long by 17 feet wide from a guy in Canada. It was used by a major department store. That would have covered the whole side of the Motor home and would have been a dynamite people draw to the vegetable stand.. The Flag was a beauty and I bid it in with no reserve and got it for a very low price. I sent off personal checks to both sellers.By the time I got off the highway to my next computer stop both sellers had given me negative feedback and claimed I did not pay them them and refused to ship the items. I strongly felt  they did not want to let me have their item at a bargin price.I was stung and I felt that everything on eBay was going to be trouble, a lot more trouble than I wanted to deal with on the road.

I was ticked off to say the least. those two sellers really pulled a fast one. iI even called them on the phone to no avail. It was during that time I found out that a eBay buyer was often between a rock and a hard place sometimes trying to complete a simple transaction on EBay toook hours upon hours to find a live person. Many times I called and just got tired of waiting and hung up,only to try again at another stopping place. this started my long term what I call my love hate relationship with eBay.  The potential was sooooooo great in reality it was cumbersome,slow and a control freaks dream!! Believe me the hidden bean counters knew how to drain every penny from my account. Some of the rules and policies were absolutely ridiculous.  I would go in every so often and look to see if something had improved. Sometimes it did but most of the time very little had changed.

It seemed to me when you spent money from your bank account everything worked smoothly and was extremely user friendly. It was easy to add up and invoiced the charges for every step of the listing process. That is when I began to lean that any business on the internet was pretty unusual when compared to face to face personal transactions. I said to H, with it I don't need this hassel and didn't do anything for a few years on the internet. My face to face moccasin business was going quite well and I enjoyed my time on the road away from the computer.

To be continued: 

Thanks for readin my ramblins,






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