European to US Conversion Size Chart Lacoste Shirts

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European to US Conversion Size Chart Lacoste Shirts
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Shopping for clothing can be daunting, especially when you live in the US and are trying to buy clothes marked with European or Italian sizing. Below is a conversion chart to help you in purchasing the correct size Lacoste shirt.  In order to insure you are receiving authentic merchandise, the seller should have a photo of the item's label posted in the listing: if you don't see it, ask for it! 

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Mens and Womens Lacoste Size Chart (European to US)

Mens Polos and Sport Shirts                                

Eur 2              US XXS
Eur 3/48         US XS
Eur 4/38/50    US Small
Eur 5/40/52    US Medium
Eur 6/42/54    US Large
Eur 7/44/56    US X Large
Eur 8/45/58    US XXLarge
Eur 9/46/60    US 3XLarge
Womens Polos and Dresses
Eur 32            US/2/XX Small
Eur 36            US/4/X Small
Eur 38            US/6/Small
Eur 40            US/8/Medium
Eur 42            US/10/Large
Eur 44            US/12/X Large
Eur 46            US/14/XX Large
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