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*Enchanted Magnolia*

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Hello everyone! If you should stumble upon this quide, then that like everything has happened for a reason. About a month ago, I was stressing and crying over a guy I loved who BROKE ME. So a new friend I had just met told me all about Enchanted and their ebay store. Normally I am sooo against paying some to cast for me, seeing as their are dozens of scam artists out there, but I figured I was beyond desperate. So all I can say is without hesitation I checked out both their ebay and online store and honestly ....Holly is AWESOME, I LOVE HER (havnt had the pleasure of speaking to Patrick). She answered each of my emails very promptly and gave me a sense of hope, not to mention their castings are EXTREMELY AFFORDABLE! I recently purchased my castings so I'm now just awaiting results, BUT I know her castings work due to my friends great raves and the numerous great reviews I've read. GO CHECK OUT ENCHANTED MAGNOLIA...YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!

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