Elephant - How to make a polymer clay miniature animal

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Elephant - How to make a polymer clay miniature animal
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Fingerprints - elephants settle the arguments.  Some people avoid fingerprints in their polymer clay projects.  But fingerprints make great elephant skin texture!

You may start with gray colored clay.  I prefer to mix my own... I always seem to want a slightly darker or lighter gray anyway.  I mix white and black (start with small amounts of black and add as necessary.)

Make a small pear shaped body.  Make sure the bottom is flat so the elephant will sit up after baking.  He will appear to sit up straight now even if the bottom is not flat... because he's so sticky from hot-mixed clay :0)

Take a tiny piece of clay, and mix in some extra white.  Form into a flat oval and you have stomach material.

Make 2 oval tubes (legs) of the original gray.  Attach to body.  Add small balls of pink for the feet.  From pink - roll a small ball.  When you press it to the foot bottom to attach, it will flatten nicely.

Use tiny scraps of white clay for toenails. 

Repeat bottom leg directions and make 2 "arms" or additional legs.  Roll an oval of gray clay for the head.  Pull one end of it until it is thin and wrap up like a trunk. Using a straight sewing pin, you can make some character lines.

Ears - roll 2 small balls of gray.  Squish the balls flat into circle like shapes.  When you attach the pieces to the head, they will bend around head as you apply gentle pressure to attach to head. Using a straight pin, you can make some lines.

Form leaves out of green for your elephant.  They can be any leaf shape.  Make large, jungle leaves!

Stick leaves around elephant.  Make sure lines you made above show by putting them towards the front.  You can gently hold the elephant in your hand and create lines in the back also.

Add 2 seed beads for the eyes and you have an elephant.  To attach the seed beads - put them on the end of a straight pin.  Press the pair of beads slightly into the clay.  Extra pin lines may form - no problem - they are extra eye wrinkles! Bake according to manufacturer's directions.

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