Egyptian Cotton Sheets Buying Guide

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Egyptian Cotton Sheets Buying Guide
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Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Egyptian cotton sheets are well known as not only the most durable, long-lasting bed sheets on the market, but also the softest and most luxurious. Consumers choose these sheets because they provide a fresh, clean sleep night after night. There are many different options to choose from when selecting the right Egyptian cotton sheets, so buyers should be thoughtful when approaching the decision.

What to Look for When Buying Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Choosing the right kind of sheets is part of creating a bedroom experience that is relaxing and calming. Sheets are as important as the color of paint or the type of bed chosen to furnish the room. The process of choosing new sheets involves knowledge about thread count, the way the fabric was woven, and the type of fabric itself. These distinctions are important, as well as proper sizing, care, and the significance of a good night's sleep.

Thread Count

The thread count is a reference to how many threads are woven into each square inch of any given fabric. A general rule for thread count is that the higher the count, the softer and longer lasting the sheets will be. Thread counts can range from 60 to 800 thread count, and sometimes even higher. Even so, the average thread count most commonly purchased seems to stay between 180 and 350. This is because sheets under the 180 thread count tend to become scratchy or cause pilling with wear. Egyptian cotton sheets with a 200 thread count or higher are understood to be the best choice when considering both softness and durability.

Fabric Weave

The varying ways fabric can be woven provide different characteristics for bed sheets. Classic percale sheets are tightly woven, with each thread crossing each other only one time, creating a very fine finish and texture. Pinpoint weaves are similar, but they have two threads over and one under, which makes them slightly softer. There are also even more detailed patterns available, which create varying textures and softness.

Sateen-woven sheets are luxurious in both the way they look and the way they feel. This weave is created in the same way satin sheets are made, resulting in a similar glossiness and luster. The threads running lengthwise are interlaced with other filling threads, and the result is a very smooth texture. This weave can be used with Egyptian cotton fiber, which creates a silky, delicate combination. However, because of the fibers that make up Egyptian cotton, the sheets made from it will be of a higher quality, no matter the weave.


Cotton sheets are a natural choice because of how they feel on the skin. Because these sheets are low maintenance and breathable, natural body heat is what regulates the temperatures under the covers. Cotton also absorbs perspiration, so moisture is not contained near the skin to cause irritation. Cotton sheets also easily release dirt in the wash, creating a cleaner, fresher bed.

Cotton is actually the most popular fiber used for bed sheets and other bedding, and Egyptian cotton is known to be the finest and most supple cotton sheet available to consumers. That is because Egyptian cotton sheets are made with extra-long staple cotton fibers that create a smooth, heavy texture vastly superior to any other cotton sheet, even those with similar thread counts.


Choosing the right size of Egyptian cotton sheets may not be as straightforward as it may seem. While these sheets are available in any size, all the way up to California King, the sizing is often dependent on the rest of the bedding. For example, if a person has a pillow-top mattress, that can create the need for a larger sheet. Using a mattress topper can also add height that may demand a purchase of fitted cotton sheets with deeper pockets to allow for the extra bedding.


While Egyptian cotton originated from a plant that grows in the tropical climates of places like Egypt, Peru, and the West Indies, now it can also be grown in regions of the United States. The location where the sheets were made can make the price vary, and it is important to remember that purchasing Egyptian cotton sheets from overseas is not essential.

How to Care for Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Egyptian cotton sheets are processed in such a way that their natural textures are refined and woven to maintain quality and softness. Therefore it is important to take care of them right from the start so they keep those features for the longest amount of time.

Before Use

It is important to wash before use to eliminate the first possibility of shrinking, which is part of the makeup of any blend of cotton. This will help adjust the sheets to a perfect fit for the bed. Egyptian cotton sheets should be washed separately from other items to prevent damage.

Hooks or zippers from other garments can snag or even tear the sheets, so it is recommended they be washed alone. Washing them alone will also keep the sheets fresher and brighter for a longer amount of time.


Egyptian cotton sheets should be washed on a gentle or delicate cycle with cold water. Once the spin cycle is complete, the sheets should be removed immediately and shaken out to prevent wrinkling and even shrinkage.


It is best to use cool or warm settings with Egyptian cotton sheets. Extreme heat can cause damage to the integrity of the fibers or even cause breakage. While cold water is recommended, using warm water is fine as long as it is not hotter than 105 degrees Fahrenheit, similar to the temperature of bath water.


Detergent used with these sheets should be mild or pH balanced. Even while using a mild detergent, using less than the recommended amount on the bottle is actually the best way to get a better clean. Using liquid fabric softener is also discouraged.

Chlorine bleach

It is important to never use chlorine bleach with Egyptian cotton sheets. Chlorine can cause damage not only to the cotton fibers of the sheet, but also to the elastic of the fitted sheet. Using non-chlorine bleach for white or ivory sheets will help freshen and protect their vibrancy.


The sheets may be either hung in the air to dry, or used in the dryer on a tumble dry low setting. Another option for dryer use is to put them on the air dry setting. A shorter drying cycle time is recommended, as overdrying can diminish the glossy sheen of the sheets after a time. Egyptian cotton sheets will also produce less lint in the dryer because of the way they are made.


Egyptian cotton sheets can be smoothed out by hand, because their construction enables them to maintain a crisp, ironed look. However, if an iron is preferable, the setting must not be too hot. Be sure to set the iron on a warm setting and be cautious while ironing to prevent letting any areas of the sheet overheat.

Finding Egyptian Cotton Sheets on eBay

To begin a search for Egyptian cotton sheets on eBay, look under the "Home and Garden" category on the site, select "Bedding," and finally "Bed Sheets and Pillowcases." Now that the correct category is selected, type "Egyptian Cotton Sheets" into the search bar at the top of the page.

At this point, one can choose options in the left-hand column to customize the sheets by type, size, condition, and thread count, among others. Selecting within these options will narrow the search. Then the correct color and brand will be easier to find. Some popular brands that can be found on eBay are Martha Stewart, Hotel Grand, and JS Sanders Collection.


Egyptian cotton sheets are a great addition to a relaxing bedroom environment. Not only do they assist in giving the best night's sleep by absorbing moisture and staying clean and fresh, but they provide the most luxurious, soft sensation of any cotton sheet available. These high-quality sheets will enhance any bedroom atmosphere to create a calm, soft space for sleeping.

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