Ecomatic Salt Chlorinator Balboa

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Ecomatic Salt Chlorinator Balboa
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Why not to buy the Ecomatic Salt Chlorinator.

I bought a Ecomatic ESC-36 Salt Pool Chlorinator in April of 2006.  I really liked the system as it was easy to keep my pool clear and the cost associated with keeping it clear was very low compared to chemicals.  In May of 2007 I had a cloudy pool for nearly a month and was in contact with Balboa to try and figure it out.  They told me my phosphates were two high.  I poured several jugs of PhosFree in to clear it out with no luck.  Finally I convinced Balboa to send me a new cell and it cleared out.  This August I again noticed the pool started to get cloudy and it was difficult to keep the water clear.  I was running the pump 24 hours and it still could not keep up.  Finally the cell failed.  I again called Balboa and they confirmed the cell had indeed failed.  I could get it replaced under warranty for a prorated amount of $360.  Mind you that these can be purchased online for $599 with a replacement cost of $0 for the next two years.  Additionally, the cells were back ordered from their supplier in Austrialia (wonder why).  Finally, I installed this system for a neighbor and their cell also failed after one year.  I must say this system is JUNK.  The cells do not last more than one year. 

As I reviewed this guide, I found there were some of these listed on ebay for $600.  In the discription it said there was no warranty.  Wonder why?  Because there is a problem with the cell and it will likely fail after one year just like mine.  Do not waste your money on these.

3-21-09 Update

I broke down and found a Chlormatic replacement cell on ebay with a 3 year warranty.  I will be installing it this summer.  I will let you know how it works out.

5-2-09 Update

So far so good.  The Cell is working great.  Pool is clear.  Check back to keep up on this guide as I update it.

12-31-09 Update

Wow, completed the summer with no issue.  Pool stayed clear all summer.

12-2-2010 Update

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