Ebay seller BEWARE!!!!!FRAUD!!!!!!

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Ebay seller BEWARE!!!!!FRAUD!!!!!!
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There have been numerous reports of ebay fraud.A buyer asks to pay for item right away and tells to send info.then buyer sends a fake money order confirmation and fedex label.They usually say that it is for a family member  and want you to send it to somewhere else.(usually Nigeria,but not always)If this happens contact ebay via Security and Resolution Center in Related Links on MY EBAY homepage.Click on  Report another Problem.You then click on following:1.Report problems with other ebay members 2.Fraud concerns for sellers 3.Buyer offered to purchase item from you outside of ebay ___Then a page shows that you give the info of the events and person.When it asks for email header copy the WHOLE header that was sent to your email(this is their email and the path from which it came usually beside it)Then send in and you're done!Also,don't forget to block the name from bidding on your auction(which can be found by clicking on the number of bidders for you item)I really hope this helps and good luck!
If you have been a victim then send a complaint to the F.B.I. at www.ifccfbi.gov/cf1.asp   The fbi has many complaints about this ring and it is well known by them.
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