Ebay for Buyers: How to bid and win on eBay

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This is a simple guide made to help buyers understand ebay better and learn the special techniques to in bids all the time!


Things to know before you bid

Disciplinary Actions

To keep buyers in line, eBay has established this commandment: "Each bid you place enters you in a binding contract" (or something similar). It's often quoted by sellers in their item descriptions, as a sort of threat to bidders. Although the threat may be real, the bidder is not going to be arrested for not paying. The worst that could happen is the buyers account can be suspended.

However, if a buyer doesn't pay in a timely manner, the seller can file a payment reminder. This gives eBay a notice of a potential problem, and a staff member sends an email to the buyer. Eventually this can lead to an unpaid item strike. With three of these, your account may be terminated.

Time Limits for Refunds

Several time limits may affect your opinion on buying an item. Unscrupulous sellers have been know to drag out delivery problems beyond this time limit to prevent buyers from taking action. If the auction has the paypal buyer protection icon, you have 45 days to file a claim for a refund. Paypal limits members to 3 refunds a year and only refund your money after a detailed investigation.


Dealing With Problems


What Are the Warning Signs?

You can tell if the seller is the nervous type and likely to be pushy from certain things in the item description. Threats are a big red flag, especially those in big capital letters like "DEAD BEAT BUYERS WILL BE GIVEN *BAD* FEEDBACK AND MADE FUN OF!!!!!!!!!". These are usually the sellers who have had one or two bad experiences from buyers.

An incredibly long and involved set of rules for dealing with the seller may also warn you the he is going to be a handfull. In the end, this seller is looking for trouble, and will find it in the slightest digression from his rules. Think twice before you deal with someone like this.



How to Motivate a Slow Seller to Ship

Many sellers claim they ship every week, within ten days, or once every blue moon. By large, sellers can ship whenever they want within reason. There are some simple techniques to use to motivate a slow seller.

  • Get their attention by putting their phone number or address in the subject of a message if you suspect they are deleting your emails.
  • Say you hired an online investigator and send the seller an excerpt from the report. In this fake excerpt be sure to include the sellers address and full name.
  • Make the seller think a thid party is involved. This usually scares them.
  • Fill out an "Item not recieved or significantly not as described" report. This can get them into trouble depending on the situation.


Tip: NEVER buy from a seller with  number of bad feedback. Feedback depends on what type of experience a person had with you. Bad feedback means that the buyer had a bad experience with the seller, which makes you not want to bid on their items.


Bid To Win!


Bidding Low

If you want to place a bid immediatly, place the lowest possible bid. This way, you wont encourage another bidder to bid very high. A sense of competition forces many of us put forth money that we would like to spend.

Bidding Odd

Many bidders realy on guessing your maximum bid, rather than trying to knock out your bid of say $5 with a bid of $8. Maybe the bidder wants to outbid you by only a few cents. He will try to beat your high bid by a few cents. If your high bid is $5.50, he will bid $5.51. But if your high bid is $5.57 and he bids $5.51, he will get outbid and think you bid several dollars higher. That way he decides not to bid again and you win the auction!

Bidding Late

A good way to win is to bid in the last minutes, or even last seconds of the auctions close. While all bidders made their final bids thinking they will win, you come along and pace your bid so you finish the bidding process as the auction is closing. This is also known as sniping.

Time Differences

Knowing the time difference between where you live and where other bidders live is a key part of being a good bidder. But at the time of the auctions end, if where you live the time is only 9 pm, and where the other bidder lives its 4 in the morning, you dont have to wait until 9 pm to go to bed or do whatever you have to do. Just place the bid as soon as you think the other bidder is asleep or gone, and you will win the auction.


How To Research The Competition


Number of Items Bid On

The number of items on which a member may bid on may indicate his limitations. Does he have bids on 33 auctions? Assuming the bidder isnt rich (and most of us arent), he may not bid not bid very high on some aucions. Someone bidding in multiple auctions cant't focus his efforts on one auction, and can easily get outbid.

Be sure to check closed auctions. If the bidder has lost fewer than half the aucions he bid on, he is not a tenacious bidder and getting outbid once or twice will knock him out of the race. To see all the auctions a bidder has bid on, use eBay's search by bidder feature.

Amounts of Bids

If your competition has a big number of bids in her auctions, you may be in trouble. This suggests a fat wallet and the willingness to spend whatever it takes to win. The best way to win against this type of bidder is to bid late and high. The last thing you want to do is tip off a well-heeled bidder that she has comeptition.

About Me Page

Dont neglect a bidders about me page. It may contain usefull information about her interests and hobbies that will flesh out her profile. If, for example, the bidder's about me page mentions that she has the world's largest collection of DC comic books, your probobly in trouble if you intend to bid against her in anything related to DC comic books.

Bonus: Let the Other Bidder Work For You 

As you research a competitors auction habits, keep in mind the possibilty that you and the bidder share an interest in one or more areas. Following a trail of her bids may lead you to appealing items that you would have missed.

Placing Your Bid

Placing a bid is simple. First, go to the auction you would like to bid on, then click on the "Place Bid" button. Next, enter the amount you would like to bid for. Now there should be a screen that says confirm bid. Then, once you confirm the bid, your done!




Thank you for reading my guide and i wish you happy bidding!






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