Ebay Shipping Tip - All Buyers Must Read This !!!

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Ebay Shipping Tip - All Buyers Must Read This !!!
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Is Your Ebay or Paypal Address Correct?

Many people don't know it, but the majority of ebay sellers use either your Paypal Address or Ebay address to ship your items.  If either of these are incorrect - Your item is not going to get to you.  Make sure your address on record is correct.

Another thing I see over and over - Is all upper case addresses, or all lower case adresses.  To make it easy for shippers, and the Post Office to get your packages to you - You really need to have your address entered correctly.  You should use upper and lower case letters properly.  The same goes for zip codes.  Put in a correct five or nine digit zip code.

International buyers should be sure everything is correct as well.  A lot of times "default" comes up for the province, or it gets listed twice.  To ensure you receive your items quickly - You need to make sure everything is in the system correctly.

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