Ebay & Paypal -- are the fees too high?

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Sellers -- are your Ebay & Paypal fees have just gotten too high? perhaps you have even aired your frustration on the community chat lines.... I have a word of Caution -- be careful when you bite the hand that feeds you!

Here I am at the computer in my pjs.... I don't have to get dressed, drive for an hour to work, deal with the general public face to face, instead Ebay and Ebay alone gives me the choice to stay at home and sell whatever I choose..... and the choices are limitless.

take a minute and do a cost comparison --

the ease of staying at home -- versus business rental space and don't forget the insurance and utilities on that business!

comfining work schedule with little free time -- versus the freedom to make every antique store and flea market on the block any time you choose. Oh -- don't forget you are the boss at home!

still frustrated at paying fees on the items that don't sell -- oh well! ever tried to have a retail store -- you have a large inventory investment. don't forget -- people off the street that handle and sometimes break not to mention shoplift your items. that doesn't happen on ebay!

You can reduce your costs -- be smart and do your homework. Wireless technology makes it easy to carry a laptop with you on your travels and check out high end items before you invest in them.

Be smart -- read the instructions before proceeding --and you can avoid problems.... Ebay has great service reps and tons of great information to help you sell quickly, safely, and in the event there is a problem, you can even get in touch with them online to resolve the problem.

don't list small dollar items unless you have researched past selling history and you are certain it will sell. Be flexible on your price. the new Buy it now -- make an offer option is hot! people love to haggle and get their item quickly! Ebay stores are fabulous! Half.com is wonderful for book sellers. and Paypal is the fastest safest way to deal with international buyers.....

Don't be greedy -- if it weren't for Ebay how could you sell this stuff! the return on Ebay sales is certainly higher that current interest rates at your local bank and safer than the stock market. 

where else can a guy covered in tattoos put on his ex wifes wedding dress and make big bucks.... or you could sell postcards for 100 each.

Ebay has my vote!





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