Ebay Acronyms

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I have run across these a couple of times, and wondered what they were, so I figured I would make a list.  These will help when you are listing and searching. If you see one that is not on my list just let me know and I will add it.
1TO- One time only
AF- Abercrombie & Fitch
AKA- Also known as
ASAP- As soon as possible
AUD: Australian Dollar
BF- Best fit
BK- Broken
BNWL- Brand new with label
BO- Best offer
BTS-Back To School
BW: Black and White
CC- Credit Card
COA- Certificate of Authenticity
CONUS: Continental United States
DBL- Double
DOA- Dead on arrival
EMB- Embroidered
ETA- Estimated Time of Arrival
EUC- Excellent Used Condition
EUR: Euro
EX- Excellent
F- Fair (condition)
FB- Feedback
FC- Fine condition
FC- First Class
FEDEX-Federal Express shipping
FE-First Edition
FP- Fixed price
FS - Factory Sealed
FVF- Final value fee
FYI- For your information
GBP: Great British Pounds
GD- Good Condition
GUC- Good used condition
GW-  Gently Worn
HB- Hardback book
HCTS- Here Comes The Stork
HTF-  Hard To Find
IMO- In My Opinion
INR- Item Not Received
ISO- In search of
ITF- Impossible to find
L or LRG- large
LDYS- Ladies
LE-Limited Edition
LPUO- Local pick up only
LS or L/S- Long Sleeve
LSE- Loose
M or Med- Medium
MCU- Might clean up
MIB- Mint in Box
MIBP- Mint in Blister Pack
MIJ- Made in Japan
MIMB-Mint in Mint Box
MIMP- Mint In Mint Package
MNB- Mint no box
MO- Money order
MWBT- Mint with both tags
MWMT- Mint with mint tags
NARU- Not a registered user
NB- Name Brand
NBW- Never been worn
NIP -New In Package
NM- Near mint
NNPW- New never played with
NORES- No reserve
NPB- Non paying bidder/buyer
NRFB- Never Removed From Box
NWOT- New without Tags
NWT- New with Tags
OA- Online auction
OB- Original Box
ON- Old Navy
OOAK- One of a Kind
OOP- out of print
ORP- Original Retail Price
PB- Paperback book
pc- Pieces (usually lowercase)
PIC- Picture
PM- Post marked
PM: Priority Mail
PP: Parcel Post
PU-Pickup Only
RET- Retired
RP- Return policy
RV- Retail Value
S or SM- Small
S/H/I -Shipping, Handling, and Insurance
S/O- Sold out
SB- Softback book
SH: Shipping and Handling
SIG- Signature
SS or S/S-  Short Sleeve
SS- Still sealed
SZ- Size
TCP- The Children's Place
TIA- Thanks in advance
TOS - Terms of Service/Sale
UID- Unpaid items dispute
UPS- United Postal Service
USD: United States Dollars
USPS -United States Postal Service
V/M/D- Visa, MasterCard, Discover
VERO- Verified registered owner
VFM- Value for money
VGC- Very Good Condition
VHTF- Very hard to find
Vtg- Vintage
W/ (w/)- With
W/O (w/o)- Without
WTB- Wanted to buy
WYSIWYG- What you see is what you get
XL- extra large
 XS- Extra small
 XXL or 2XL- Extra extra large or 22/24 W
 XXXL or 3XL- Extra extra extra large or 26/28 W

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