Easton Press Guide to Masterpieces of Fantasy

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Easton Press Guide to Masterpieces of Fantasy
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This is a guide to the discontinued Series Masterpieces of Fantasy.  Easton Press might bring a smaller series back and reprint some of the titles, but no plans have moved forward at this time.  The series originally included signed editions of Tigana, Pawn of Prophecy, The Sword of Shannara, and Magician.  A signed book was sent out for every eight regular books purchased.  Each title was illustrated by one of today's top fantasy artists.  The old series number was 0120.  When the series ended, Easton Press had several signed copies of Tigana, Sword of Shannara, and Pawn of Prophecy left over.  Easton Press sold off Tigana and Sword of Shannara at a much higher price.  These separately sold books actually have fantasy printed endpapers rather than morie fabric endsheets.  Pawn of Prophecy was bundled into the Belgariad series.  The list of books in numerical order is provided below.

1)   Nine Princess in Amber
2)   The Last Unicorn
3)   Sheepfarmer's Daughter
4)   Gather, Darkness
5)   Mists of Avalon Volume 1
6)   Mists of Avalon Volume 2
7)   Devil's Day
8)   Lion of Ireland
9)   The Malacia Tapestry
10) Wizard of Earthsea Volume 1
11) Wizard of Earthsea Volume 2
12) Hound and Falcon
13) Sword of Shannara (SIGNED)
14) Pawn of Prophecy (SIGNED)
15) Mythago Wood
16) Magician:  Apprentice (SIGNED)
17) Queen's Own Volume 1
18) Witch World
19) Lord Foul's Bane
20) Darker Than You Think
21) Three Hearts and Three Lions
22) Magician:  Master
23) Spell for Chameleon
24) TBD - Never Produced
25) Little Big
26) Complete Enchanter
27) Deryni Rising
28) TBD - Never Produced
29) Unpleasant Profession of Johnathan Hoag
30) TBD - Never Produced
31) TBD - Never Produced
32) Tigana (SIGNED)
33) TBD - Never Produced
34) Mists of Avalon Volume 1
35) Mists of Avalon Volume 2
36) Fellowship of the Ring
37) The Two Towers
38) Return of the King
39) Riddlemaster of Hed
40) TBD - Never Produced
41) Gormenghast Volume 1
42) TBD - Never Produced
43) TBD - Never Produced
44) Once and Future King
45) TBD - Never Produced
46) Gormenghast Volume 2
47) Queen's Own Volume 2

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