Easton Press Guide to Illustrated Fairy Tales & Legends

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Easton Press Guide to Illustrated Fairy Tales & Legends
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There were 12 books published under the Easton Press Illustrated Treasury of Fairy Tales and Legends. 

The original catalogue advertisement
Enter a magical world of heroic knights, thrilling battles, sleeping beauties and faraway lands.  This stunning 12-volume collection brings together classic stories and breathtaking artwork from the greatest artist of illustration's Golden Age:  Arthur Rackham . . . Maxfield Parrish . . . Edmund Dulac . . . and others.  And the reproductions are superb.  From Sleeping Beauty and Red Riding Hood to The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and much, much more.

Item Number 0567

1)  Arabian Nights
2)  At the Back of the North Wind
3)  East of the Sun and West of the Moon
4)  Edmund Dulac's Fairy Book
5)  English Fairy Tales
6)  Everyday Fairy Book
7)  Irish Fairy Tales
8)  Legend of Sleepy Hollow
9)  Princess and the Goblin
10) Princess Badoura
11) Sleeping Beauty and Other Fairy Tales
12) Story of the Round Table

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