Earn money from Ebay - WITHOUT selling!!

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Earn money from eBay - without selling!
If you're looking for a way to earn income from eBay without having to actually sell any products, eBay’s affiliate program offers a way for online content publishers to make money by driving high-quality traffic to eBay.
Affiliate marketing is a way for content publishers to make money by promoting ecommerce merchants. Essentially, publishers can monetize existing web traffic by referring visitors to their merchant partners through the use of trackable links. When one of your referred customers makes a purchase, you can earn a commission.
eBay Partner Network (ePN) is eBay's in-house affiliate program, and offers a staggering array of options for publishers to tap into and profit from “the world’s online marketplace.” The program provides publishers with resources to monetize their websites, social pages, mobile apps and other online properties by converting visitors into eBay buyers.
How to Get Started
Once you’ve established a web presence and have decided that eBay Partner Network is a good fit for you, you’ll want to apply to ePN. This is a quick process, taking only minutes to complete.
Once you’re accepted, you’ll get access to tools such as banners, buttons and text links to add to your website or social page. You can simply copy and paste code to your site, so it’s easy for novices to get started. If you have more advanced development skills, eBay provides access to its API so you can build more customized solutions.
Choose the items or categories that make sense for you to promote to your audience. For example, if you have a fashion blog, you can choose to only promote items within that niche.
Making Money with eBay’s Affiliate Program
Okay, now onto the stuff you really want to know about – how do you start making money as an eBay affiliate?!
Whenever one of your visitors clicks over to eBay and completes a Winning Bid or Buy It Now purchase, you can earn money. You’ll get a percentage of eBay’s revenue on the sale - the more sales you drive for eBay, the more money you'll earn!
eBay Partner Network’s commission rates vary by product category, and you’ll also receive a 200% commission bonus every time you drive a new or reactivated buyer to purchase (a buyer is considered “reactivated” if they haven’t made a purchase in 12 months).
ePN handles all the tracking and reporting, and provides a portal for you to login to view your traffic and earnings details at any time.
Keys to eBay Affiliate Success
Just like eBay itself, where there are plenty of sellers that make good money from the site, the opportunity to make good money from eBay Partner Network also exists. Take advantage of the creative options, tools like the Promotions Portal, deals shared on ePN’s blog and analytics capabilities. Monitor, test and adjust to meet the goals you've set for yourself.
If you’re already creating a compelling experience for your visitors or followers, you’re on the right track. Your goal as an eBay affiliate will be to entice these visitors to click through and convert to sales. And by providing your visitors with a way to find desired items relevant to your site content, you’re enhancing the value of their overall experience.

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