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Hi well yet again ebay have warned they are going to shut me down why? because they say according to my feedback i am a bad seller. What a joke - my written feedback says otherwise yet there stupid system says im the worst!

I will never ever open another ebay account again  i am sick of ebay closing me down for no reason and when they feel like it.

People just leave any crap they want because they dont understand the feedback system.

Well at least i can SEE there is no longer as much product on ebay and there are not many sales.

You know how long it takes to make it to 50 + stars now day!

Ebay you are  a joke, ur Greedy and dont give a crap. It make no sense to m,e why you are trying to stop people making sales when this is a god damn Auction site for people to make sales???????????

Then you use your stupid feedback system to kick people of ebay. I am a genuine seller who works hard to get all orders out as soon as people pay and i package so good i get calls and emails to say well done and you want to punish me for CRAP!

ebay you get of ebay you have no idea!

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