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Ever get stiffed by a buyer or seller- leave a negative or nuetral- only to have the other member retaliate?? Now, not only have you been stiffed- but to add insult to injury, you now ALSO have a bad mark on your precious feedback! Ebay has NO alternative to this situation that really addresses this conundrum...and it is the MAIN reason why the feedback system does not really work. It gets to the point where you decide NOT to leave a MUCH deserved neg because of retaliation! Also- many times- I have examined a sellers GREAT feedback- only to have them stiff me anyway!! So unless their feedback is 100 per cent pos- you just cannot trust ANYONE, even if they have a great FB page. It is the best system that ebay can come up with-I know- but it needs SERIOUS work in order to prevent negs and neuts spawned thru retaliation...
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