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Those of us who sell on eBay are fully aware of the fee's associated with the sale.  Sure eBay does a fair job listing the fee's in an easy to read format and really doesn't try and hide the fee amounts or types.  But with several fee's that potentially could be with any one sale keeping up with them could be a challenge.  Not to mention the over 25 potential listing upgrades (Gallery Plus, Picture Pack, Bold, Highlighted, etc).  Thus the guide title "eBay fee calculator."  This guide will point you into the right direction for using easy to use calculators for eBay and PayPal.   
In accordance with eBay policy I will not be posting links outside of eBay.  But I will tell you they are out there and anyone who has used Google, Bing or any other search engine should find these calculators with ease.  Its pretty simple just type " eBay calculator" in the search bar and several sites with  calculators will appear.  Below is a list of some things to avoid;

  • Avoid downloading any Calculator.  Most can be used without a download.  If you wish to download, its highly recommended you run a virus scan prior to installing program.
  • Do not use any site as a portal to eBay.  If you see a eBay link on a site avoid it.
  • Do not pay for any calculators.  They are free.
  • Distinguish between a helpful calculator tool and a soliciting magnet. 
  • Remember never give out personal information.
Of course anyone with a spreadsheet program could make their own eBay/PayPal calculator.  But for those of us who enjoy some of the perks/benefits of the world wide web these calculators are useful.  So give it a try.   Good luck 8^D
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