E-Blue Cobra 6 Buttons Usb Optical Gaming Mouse 1600DPI UPDATED

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This is more a review than a guide. EBay is not up to date on reviews for any item you want to write a review on, so I will use this guide instead to write the only review about the NEW Mini-Edition 1600DPI E-Blue Cobra 6 Buttons Usb Optical Gaming Mouse (i payed $12.69, with free shipping.)

I needed a gaming mouse and saw this one. My first thought was that it was cheap and probably would be getting what I was paying for. Then, looking at the price with shipping, i thought that it was worth a shot and that I would not be losing too much money if it was crap. Only $13.00 bucks.

I received the mouse yesterday and here it is...

First, the packaging was "cheap" (free shipping) in the sense that there was no box. Simply and efficiently the mouse packaging surrounded by bubble wrap (a lot) and packaging tape. The mouse was well secured and it had no more chances to be damaged as if it had been in a box. Just looked like a handmade package shipped FREE!

After I removed the bubble wrap, here it is the mouse in its original package. Looks very nice, as shown in pictures on the item page.

Now comes the ultimate part. I removed the mouse from the packaging. The mouse looks great, feels great. The design is very smooth and fine. Fairly light compared to my Logitech MX 700 that I am replacing it with (about half the weight).

I plugged it in... Everything went smooth. Windows 7 recognizes it no problem. Installs it and here it is, a nice little Blue mouse on my desk. I play Battlefield 3 online and was expecting to have to redo my buttons...Nope; the 5 buttons work the same as my other mouse. I guess it is a standard.

As far as the ergonomics of the mouse and the feel. It is very comfortable and slick. It feels right in my hand. It fits perfectly from the palm to the tip of my fingers. Very nice. The only thing I would say that I don’t like so far (and it is surely because I am not used to it yet) is that the 2 buttons on the side are a little too far back for my thumb when I hold the mouse. Apart from that, the 2 left and right buttons are great. It has a sharp clean "click" sound and feels solid. The wheel is smooth and has little "clicks" so you feel how many times you clicked to move. It also has a middle button (on the wheel) that works great.

The DPI change on the fly button is right behind the wheel and works fine. You can switch from 600 to 1000 and 1600 DPI. You definitely feel the change even on your internet browsing. As far as to know which DPI you are on, the intensity of the color on the DPI button changes from very low for 600 to brighter for 1000 and even brighter for 1600DPI. Not too bright though, it is not blinding bright ;o)

Overall, this mouse is GREAT! It is very slick, feels very nice, works perfectly, and is efficient. I have absolutely no link to the manufacturer nor do I have any benefit if this company makes any business.

I simply wanted to write this first review on EBay, for buyers like me that need a little input as we all know, buying cheap most times mean buying ....crap.

This time, I can tell you that for $12.69 with free shipping, you will not be disappointed. It is worth every penny and even more. Hope this review/guide will help some.

Have a good one and good gaming yall!



It has been more than a year ( 01/01/12) since I have bought this mouse and the left button has failed me. It most often double clicks when only pressed once. I have taken it apart and cleaned it but nothing seems to fix it. I am not mad nor surprised considering the price I have payed for it and the intense gaming sessions I have had with it. Remember I play BF3 with it which means a lot of clicking. 

Overall, I am still very happy with it and actually bought one for my computer at work. 

Hope it helps.



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