Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Guide

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This is just the beginning of this guide, so please bear with me as I build it into a complete and useful guide.  Currently you will find the complete list of Dyson vacuum cleaners currently on the market, especially here in eBay and some other hopefully helpful links.

Dyson Vacuum Cleaners

What Makes a Dyson different?

  1. No bag!  With a normal vacuum cleaner the air flows through a bag and as that bag becomes full, the suction is reduced.  Not only does this happen as soon as you turn the vacuum on, it progressively gets worse meaning the vacuum does a progressively worse job cleaning your carpets.  No bag means you save more money because you don't have to buy replacement bags.
  2. The Root Cyclone technology.  This technology utilizes centrifugal force to spin the air.  As the air spins, the dirt and debris are thrown out of the air.  There is no obstructions to cause clogs and no reduction of vacuum suction.
  3. This vacuum is used to operate on any and all floor sufaces - vinyl, tile, wood and carpet.
  4. The permanent HEPA filter can be clened under running water and will never need to be replaced.  All air discharged from the vacuum is and always will be cleaner than the air that went into the vacuum.

To learn more about Dyson vacuums, please read this review by eBay member markflorida, "an owner of a large cleaning company and retailer of Vacuum cleaners".  Read another Dyson Vacuum review by snoopindee4, who owns a house-cleaning business

Dyson Vacuum Models

These are all of the variations of Dyson models currently available on the market.  The price in parenthesis is the product price as listed on the Dyson website, all of these models are available at great reductions here on eBay.  Click the links to any of the models and see what is available by auction.  Check out these Dyson Vacuum Tips for purchasing a vacuum on eBay

Vacuum Cleaners Buying Guide by eBay

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