Dyson DC39 Vs. Dyson DC41 Animal

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Selecting vacuum cleaners can be tricky considering the seemingly countless innovations available. The Dyson DC39 and Dyson DC41 Animal are both suitable picks for homemakers and housekeepers alike. The DC39 rises above with its portable weight, however the DC41 Animal attracts attention with its efficient bagless design.
Dyson DC39 Dyson DC41 Animal
Features Dyson DC39 Dyson DC41 Animal
Brand Dyson Dyson
Weight 16.53 lb. 17.4 lb.
Model DC39 DC41 Animal
Filtration Levels 5 Not Specified
Cleaning Path 10.2 In. Not Specified
Filtration Technology HEPA HEPA
Dirt Capture Method Cyclonic Container (Bagless)
Cord Length 21.33 ft. 35 ft.
Vacuum Cleaner Type Canister Upright
Consumed Power 1300 Watts 1400 Watts
Tank / Bag Capacity Not Specified 0.55 Gallons

Dyson DC39

The DC39 has a canister design, so you can clean up draperies, carpets, and furniture easily. What's more, you can vacuum without ever losing suction thanks to its cyclonic operation. Its 1300 watt motor lets you exploit considerable power to tackle almost any cleaning job. Also, the DC39 features a HEPA filter, so you can get rid of a wide variety of dander, irritants, and pollen. You can operate it anywhere you need to thanks to the DC39's 16.5 lb weight.

Dyson DC41 Animal

The DC41 Animal has an upright design, allowing you to tackle vinyl and carpeted floors confidently. Moreover, you can enjoy cleaning with very powerful suction thanks to its cyclonic operation. The DC41 Animal's 1400 watt motor enables you to take advantage of plenty of strength to overcome difficult cleaning tasks. Plus, the DC41 Animal has a HEPA filter, so you can remove unhealthful pollen, fine particles, and dust. Vacuum without dealing with expensive bags thanks to its bagless design. What's more, its 0.55 gallon dust capacity enables you to suck up vast quantities of muck, pet hair, and allergens. The DC41 Animal has a 17.4 lb weight, so you can use it for long periods of time.

Comparing the Dyson DC39 Vs Dyson DC41 Animal

On average, the Dyson DC41 Animal exceeds expectations. The DC41 Animal sports an upright design, so you can clean up flooring with much more ease. Also, its 8% stronger motor enables you to enjoy additional power to conquer tough cleaning jobs. What's more, you can reduce costs of replacing dirty bags thanks to the DC41 Animal's bagless design. In contrast, the DC39 boasts a 5% lighter weight, so you can take it anywhere more easily. Moreover, the DC39 has a canister design, so you can clean up upholstery, carpets, and curtains with less effort. Beyond that, the DC39 does well with a HEPA filter and powerful cyclonic operation.

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